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PyDev is open source and depends on your contributions! This may be in the form of bug fixes, answers on stackoverflow, new features...

Another option is financially supporting it at: Patreon (which provides a way to support it monthly and get rewards starting with $1).

Or through 1-time contributions at:


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What is PyDev?

PyDev is a Python IDE for Eclipse, which may be used in Python, Jython and IronPython development.

It comes with many goodies such as:

PyDev 2.0 video

For more details on the provided features, check the Features Matrix.


First time users are strongly advised to read the Getting started guide which explains how to properly configure PyDev.


The recommended way of using PyDev is bundled in LiClipse, which provides PyDev builtin as well as support for other languages such as Django Templates, Mako, RST, C++, CoffeScript, Dart, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, among others (also, by licensing LiClipse you directly support the development of PyDev).


If you'd like to analyze the performance of your programs, check PyVmMonitor.

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Supporting PyDev

Thank you to all PyDev supporters:

To show your appreciation for PyDev and to keep it going strong, help to crowdfund through

Release 7.3.0 (2019-08-16)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.7.1).

    • Fix thread cleanup issue on fork (debugger could crash when subprocess pool was closed).
    • Improvements in attach to pid.
    • When setting the tracing in one thread attach it to other threads too.
  • Make it possible to select the black executable (#PyDev-1003).

  • Update debug console to work with newer versions of Eclipse (patch by Paul Pazderski).

  • Fix code completion for non-english locale (patch by guyingzhao).

Release 7.2.1 (2019-04-26)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.6.1).

    • IronPython is debuggable again.
  • Improved performance of code which checked if some text was a link in the console (which was the cause for some delays when too much text was printed in the console).

  • Duplicate signature is no longer reported with typing.orverload (#PyDev-970).

  • Fixed highlighting variables in f-strings (#PyDev-973).

Release 7.2.0 (2019-03-25)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.6.0).

    • Fixed issue quoting/unquoting parameters for subprocess.
    • Fixed exception breakpoints for Django and Jinja2.
    • Console hook import compatibility with matplotlib and pylab fixed.
  • Fixed issue where pipenv executable search was being executed over and over when it was not found.

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