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The feature matrix can be seen below. You can check details for each feature by following the correspondent link

Feature List Keybinding Link
Python integration    
Jython integration    
IronPython integration    
Syntax highlighting    
Wizards (new project, src folder, module, package) Ctrl+N  
Script PyDev with Jython   article
Unittest integration   Link
Google App Engine   Video  /  Link
Wizard for new Project    
Uploading and doing other actions    
Django   Link
Wizard for new Project    
Interactive shell commands with context menu    
custom commands ctrl+2+dj+optional_command  
Launching   Link
Regular F9  
Unittest Ctrl+F9  
Relaunch last in Regular Ctrl+F11  
Relaunch last in Debug F11  
Interactive Console   Link
Interactive console shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Enter Link
Code completion    
Editor   Link
Matching brackets highlighted    
Selection for tabs or spaces (or adapt to file)    
Block indent (and dedent) Tab / Shift-Tab  
Smart indent (and dedent) Enter / Backspace  
Code folding    
Code folding: collapse all 1 level Ctrl+9  
Code folding: expand all 1 level Ctrl+0  
Code folding: collapse current Ctrl+-  
Code folding: expand current Ctrl++  
'Quick' code-formatter Ctrl+Shift+F  
Sort selection or imports if 'no selection' Ctrl+Shift+O  
Comment and uncomment selection Ctrl+3 / Ctrl+Shift+3  
Comment blocks in 2 styles Ctrl+4 / Ctrl+Shift+4  
Auto-edit: close parenthesis    
Auto-edit: add 'self' in class methods    
Auto-edit: add 'import' in import lines    
Find References Ctrl+Shift+G  
Refactoring   Link
Rename Shift+Alt+R  
Extract method Shift+Alt+M  
Extract local variable Shift+Alt+L  
Inline local variable Shift+Alt+I  
Editor Content Assistants   Link
Assign result to attribute or local Ctrl+1  
Assign parameters to attributes Ctrl+1  
Surround code with try..catch / finally Ctrl+1  
Create docstring Ctrl+1  
Move import to global scope Ctrl+1  
Auto-Import 'quick-fix' for undefined variables Ctrl+1  
Ignore error 'quick-fix' Ctrl+1  
Ignore file in code-analysis Ctrl+1  
Mark Occurrences   Link
Rename Occurrences Ctrl+2+R Link
Syntax errors reported    
Hovering shows error description    
Code coverage   Link
TODO Tasks   Link
Code-analysis (real time or on save)   Link
PyLint (only on save)   Link
MyPy (only on save)   Link
Navigation     Link
Hyperlink stack-traces in the console    
Outline view    
Quick Outline Ctrl+O Link
Quick Open Definition Outline Ctrl+Shift+T Link
Hierarchy View F4 Link
Go to definition F3 Link
Code completion    
Type-hints for Code completion   Link
Templates Code completion Ctrl+Space Link
Context-sensitive Code Completion Ctrl+Space Link
Context-insensitive Code Completion with auto-import Ctrl+Space Link
Auto-suggest keywords and other customizable tokens   Link
Debugger   Link
Python and Jython support    
Expression Watch    
Add Breakpoints    
Conditional Breakpoints    
Step in/out/over/resume    
Multiple threads    
Variable display    
Debug 'server' for remote debugging   Link
Debug console   Link
Debugger auto reload   Link
Find Referrers in Debugger   Link


  • PyLint:PyLint is provided by logilab, and does code-analysis in python programs. It is called when a file is saved. It is written in python itself and called as an external program.

Many other features provided by Eclipse itself are not added to the list, but are available either in the Eclipse platform or in other third-party plugins. Below is a 'quick-list' of 'reccommendations' that may be worth mentioning...

Plug-in features / reccomendations Plug-in
Text code-completion (also known as emacs-style completion) Alt+/ in Eclipse
Rectangular editing Ctrl+Shift+A in Eclipse 3.5
Open selected folder with explorer from within Eclipse StartExplorer
git, mercurial, cvs, subversion and many other 'SCM systems' are available Search the net for what you want

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