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History For PyDev Extensions

    Note: this history only takes into account what was done in PyDev Extensions before it was merged with PyDev.

    • Release 1.4.8

      • Created public API for starting/finishing debug server
      • Import based on unresolved variables works correctly when the document is changed
      • Ignore error works correctly when the document is changed
      • No longer showing the replace button for the search
    • Release 1.4.7

      • IronPython support (version 2.6 upwards)
      • The interactive console can be used on the remote debugger
      • Remote debugger properly redirects contents from the server on multiple runs.
      • Providing context-independent completions when other completions are not available (until now, it only gave those completions for method parameters)
      • The number of chars required to show the context-insensitive completion can now be customized.
      • Fixed problem with Eclipse 3.5: "Invalid Thread Access" when trying to rename a class
    • Release 1.4.6

      • Auto-import for from __future__ import with_statement will add a 'with' token instead of a with_statement token
      • Globals browser improved (only for Eclipse 3.3 onwards, older versions will have the old interface):
        • Can filter with working sets
        • Can match based on module names. E.g.: django.A would match all the django classes/methods/attributes starting with 'A'
    • Release 1.4.5

      • Derived resources are no longer analyzed
      • No longer giving spurios warnings when file being analyzed is removed
    • Release 1.4.4

      • This release fixes a critical bug when configuring the interpreter (if no environment variables were specified, it was not possible to configure an interpreter)
    • Release 1.4.3

      • Fixed racing conditions in the context-insensitive indexing which could corrupt the index.
      • Search references working on Eclipse 3.3 and Eclipse 3.4
      • Lambda properly treated as a new context for code-analysis
      • Analysis is now recognizing __name__
      • Analysis now marks variables used when accessed with augstore (+=)
      • Some definitions were not properly indexed on some assign cases
    • Release 1.4.2

      • Context insensitive code-completion working with multiple interpreters
      • Fixed code analysis problem on staticmethod
      • Giving proper warning on version mismatch
      • Remote debugger fix
    • Release 1.4

      • Python 3.0 supported
      • Python 2.6 supported
      • Code-analysis: Was locking caches for too long (which could end up having stale results)
    • Release 1.3.24

      • Code-analysis: Import was not recognized on code-analysis on some specific cases
    • Release 1.3.23

      • Code-analysis: Fixed condition that could make code-analysis get into a halt depending on the code structure
      • Remote Debugger: Can properly debug multiple processes concurrently
      • Remote Debugger: Makes the proper setup of breakpoints when pydevd.settrace is called with suspend=False
    • Release 1.3.22

      • Code-analysis: Option to analyze only active editor (window > preferences > PyDev > builders)
      • Code-analysis: works on case where imported module has same name of builtin.
    • Release 1.3.21

      • Internal release
    • Release 1.3.20

      • Code Analysis: Show error if using token not defined in __all__ in wild import.
      • Search: Working with eclipse 3.4.
    • Release 1.3.19

      • Code Analysis: Not all unused imports are shown in the message anymore (could give problems saving workspace).
      • Code Analysis: Fixed problem on double cycle in list comprehension.
      • Interpreter config: The initial parse of the modules is much faster.
    • Release 1.3.18

      • Auto-import: Groups imports when possible.
      • Auto-import: Doesn't bring imports for completions already in the document even if a parse is not successful.
      • Organize Imports (ctrl+shift+O): Suggests imports to the undefined tokens in the editor.
      • Import quick-fix: Icons correspondent to the element being imported.
    • Release 1.3.17

      • Bug-fix release.
    • Release 1.3.16

      • Code Analysis: __path__ Not correctly found on some situations.
      • Local rename (ctrl+2+r): Positions correctly ordered for tabbing.
    • Release 1.3.15

      • Globals Browser: Was not correctly showing definition on a case with multiple projects when one did not have the python nature configured.
      • Code Analysis: False positive: Classes defined within a class context are correctly found when later accessed in the parent context.
      • Interactive console integration
        • Context insensitive completions with auto-import in console
        • Ctrl+Alt+Enter: can be used to:
          • Create console if no console exists
          • Send selected text to console
          • Make execfile for current file if there's no selected text
    • Release 1.3.14

      • Local renames: scoping issues.
      • Local renames: comments/strings only renamed in local scope for local variable.
      • False positive: undefined variable: a base-class could be flagged as undefined if used in a method scope.
      • Remote Debugger: easier way to specify path translations between a remote machine and a local machine (constant must be set in org.python.pydev.debug/pysrc/ -- see comments on module) .
    • Release 1.3.13

      • Debug Console: will print exceptions raised during the evaluation.
      • Debug Console: will print the result of the evaluation if a valid statement is sent (so, 'print' is not needed for simple evaluations anymore).
  • Release 1.3.12

    • Mark occurrences: only requested on mouse-clicks and cursor changes.
    • Code-Analysis: No longer running in UI-Thread (bug which slowed things down in 1.3.10 and 1.3.11).
    • Code-Analysis: Cache optimizations.
    • Code-Analysis: Fixed 'statement without effect' when raising exception with arguments without using the exception constructor.
    • Code-Analysis: Fixed 'statement without effect' on tuple creation.
    • Code-Analysis: __path__ found for packages ( files).
    • Context-insensitive info: Correctly updated when code-analysis is off (or if file is not analyzed).
  • Release 1.3.11

    • Code-analysis: Doesn't report 'statement without effect' within yield.
    • Code-analysis: @DynamicAttrs now works in direct class access (not only on instance access from a class).
    • Code-analysis: Names to consider in global do not trigger undefined variables when they have some attribute access.
    • Code-analysis: Accessing locals() will mark local variables as read.
    • Code-analysis: No indentation warnings on multiline strings that use double quotes.
  • Release 1.3.10

    • Code-analysis: Doesn't report 'statement without effect' within list comprehension.
    • Context insensitive code completion: Shows contents of zips/eggs/jars
    • Go to definition: Working with zips/eggs/jars.
  • Release 1.3.9

    • Code-analysis: detects bad indentation (wrong number of indent chars).
    • Code-analysis: Class may be marked with '@DynamicAttrs' so that the code-analysis doesn't give undefined variable errors. See Code Analysis for more details.
    • Mark-Occurrences: Fix: a class that had a call would not be recognized sometimes.
    • Rename Refactoring: Fix: when different heuristics yielded the same result the text could become garbled.
  • Release 1.3.8

    • Code-analysis: Detects mixing of spaces and tabs.
    • Code-analysis: Reimport not flagged when inside of try..except ImportError.
  • Release 1.3.7

    • Support for Eclipse 3.3
    • Bug-Fixes!
  • Release 1.3.6

    • Bug-Fixes!
  • Release 1.3.5

    • Auto-Import:
      • Import is now set in correct line even with multi-line imports.
      • Added option to disable the introduction of auto-imports.
      • Added option to remove modules that start with '_' from the imports (so, tokens would have to be found in files).
    • Code Analysis: Having a list comprehension with a subscript was not being treated correctly.
    • Debugger: Working with jython.
    • Debugger: Working with wxPython.
  • Release 1.3.4

    • Mark Occurrences: 'global' used in the global scope is correctly treated.
    • Code Analysis: __builtins__ considered in global namespace
  • Release 1.3.3

    • Quick-fix: When an import is added from the auto-import quick-fix, a code-analysis is requested right after it.
    • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Release 1.3.2

    • Fix: The vmargs in the interactive console are now only really passed to the jython process
    • Fix: Rename refactoring was not getting some references that mapped to imports initially (and not directly to classes or functions)
    • Fix: Mark Occurrences marks correctly the keyword parameters in referencing calls
  • Release 1.3.1

    • Interactive Console: jython process can receive vmargs (configured in the preferences page)
    • Code-Completion: auto-import completions will not be brought for tokens in the current module
    • Code-Completion: auto-import inserted as last import in imports list (so, __future__ imports will remain in the 1st position)
    • Code-Analysis: Only adds unused parameters in methods that have some statement that is not a 'pass' or string
    • Fix: Find Occurrences: will not 'overlap' occurrences anymore
    • Fix: Code-Analysis: deep attribute access after finding __getattr__ does not signal unresolved import errors anymore
  • Release 1.3.0

    • Find References: Ctrl+Shift+G can be used to find the references to the selected token in the editor
    • Fix: Code-analysis: Fixed false positive for statement with no effect
  • Release 1.2.8

    • Code-analysis: when a compare statement is found out of a test scope, that's reported as a warning
    • Mark Occurrences: new option to choose whether strings and comments should be highlighted
    • Simple Completions: some keywords were removed from the default list (the 2-letter ones because they're barely worth it and those related to 'try', as there's already an assistant that creates 'try' blocks)
    • Rename refactoring / Mark Occurrences: matches in multi-line strings are now correct
  • Release 1.2.7

    • Mark occurrences and rename now will also get the tokens in comments and strings
    • Rename refactoring bugfixes (but still not final)
    • The remote debugger port can now be specified

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