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History For PyDev

Release 12.1.0 (2024-05-27)

  • Fixed issue parsing await inside of case block.
  • Call django.setup() when running django unit-tests (with builtin unittest runner).
  • Fixed corner case where wouldn't be properly gotten with previous approach when running pytest.
  • Template variables converted from jython to java code (
  • Properly building With Eclipse 2024-03 (fixes by Florian Kroiß).
  • Using flake8 binary instead of getting from python works (fix by slaclau).

Release 12.0.0 (2024-02-01)

  • Only Python 3.8 onwards is now supported
    • Python 3.6 and 3.7 support is now dropped (please use PyDev 11.0.3 if you still use it).
  • Debugger
    • sys.monitoring is now used in Python 3.12 (and it's much faster than any previous version).
    • A new setting was added in the Preferences > PyDev > Debug to debug just my code (meaning that when stepping it will just step into files under PyDev source folders).
    • Improved the step into function (activated with Ctrl+Alt then Click function to step into).
    • Support for Python 3.6 and 3.7 was dropped (only Python 3.8 onwards is now supported).
  • Ruff
    • Ruff can now be used as a code formatter.
    • The latest ruff (0.1.x) is now supported (as it broke backward compatibility in its 0.1.0 version).
  • Code Analysis
    • Fixes in semantic analysis to better determine if strings in annotations should be checked for symbols or not.

Release 11.0.3 (2023-10-30)

  • The mylyn integration was removed as it wasn't really being distributed anymore but was still on the update site.

Release 11.0.2 (2023-10-29)

  • Newer version of typeshed integrated (from typing import override is now recognized).
  • It's now possible to specify vmargs in the python interpreter.
    • For Python 3.11 onwards -Xfrozen_modules=off will now be used by default.

Release 11.0.1 (2023-10-22)

  • Java 17 is now the minimum java version supported (same as Eclipse 2022-09 onwards).
  • A few bugfixes (related to Python 3.12 support).
  • Release is now done with a new code signing certificate.

Release 11.0.0 (2023-10-08)

  • Preliminary support for Python 3.12
    • Debugger now supports Python 3.12.
    • Important: the new f-string format is still not supported.
  • Code Analysis:
    • Now analyzes type annotations defined as strings.
    • Fixed case where a type annotation is defined as a string but the actual type only occurs later in the file.
    • Fixed issue where an annotation referencing a class defined later on in the file would be reported as an error.
    • Imports found inside a typing.TYPE_CHECKING will be considered undefined if the scope that uses it requires it to be available when not type-checking.
    • Properly consider that a method containing ... is an empty method and don't report unused arguments in it.
    • Properly consider that attributes in enum subclasses are actually instances of the class where they're defined.
  • Docstring generation:
    • Fixed issue where self could be added to the arguments when auto-generating docstrings (with Ctrl+1 > Make Docstring in def line).
  • Type inference:
    • Fixed issue where Pathlib with a __div__ didn't offer completions properly.
    • Better support when using cython 3.0 to generate the AST.
  • ruff integration:
    • Fixed issue when an empty output is given.
    • If some error happens in the integration a better error message is given.
  • Isort integration: now always uses the isort found in the Python environment or an external executable.
  • Others:
    • Performance improvement: tooltips are no longer clipped based on maxWidth. Fixes #PyDev-1233: Eclipse IDE freezes when using a variable with a very long base64 value.
    • Pretty-printing nonlocal now works.
    • In the outline page overload methods now have a different decoration and it's possible to hide them.
    • Fixed syntax Error with case None. #PyDev-1232

Release 10.2.1 (2023-07-02)

  • Fixed compatibility with Eclipse 4.28 (2023-06) as it broke backward compatibility.
    i.e.: Fix for "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/ui/views/navigator/NavigatorDragAdapter"

Release 10.2.0 (2023-06-25)

  • Ruff is now supported. (#PyDev-1225)
  • Forward declaration in the format: Optional['ClassName'] is now supported in the inference engine. (#PyDev-1217)
  • Fixed issue parsing match statement. (#PyDev-1222)
  • Properly recognize **rest variable when unpacking in match. (#PyDev-1218)
  • Fixed case where match was not recognized as a variable name. (#PyDev-1210)
  • Black formatting discrepancies with .pyi files. (#PyDev-1224)
  • If a TODO message is too big, it is now clipped.

Release 10.1.4 (2023-04-15)

  • Improvements to make the debugger work in Python 3.12 (note: still a work in progress).
  • The conda activate location is now found on Mac OS.
  • Changes so that PyDev doesn't change itself while running to abide to Mac OS rule that programs should not change after installed.
    • i.e.: don't write $py.class files and save jython cache dir in user directory.

Release 10.1.3 (2023-01-23)

  • Critical bugfix: MyPy integration: MYPYPATH did not contain source folders when requested.

Release 10.1.2 (2023-01-21)

  • PyLint, Mypy and Flake8 are now executed with python -m when option to search in interpreter is used.
  • Fixed Stack Overflow when typing.cast() was used with a class that could not be resolved.
  • Fixed issue where values for typing.cast() could be gotten from the wrong scope.
  • Properly synchronize threads when computing typesched information.

Release 10.1.1 (2023-01-09)

  • Critical bugfix: Analysis preferences are now properly initialized again.

Release 10.1.0 (2023-01-07)

  • All analysis settings are now loaded and saved from the org.python.pydev scope.
    • Contents from .settings/org.python.pydev.analysis.yaml must now be moved to the .settings/org.python.pydev.yaml file.
    • Fixes issue where the configurations from PyLint weren't being picked up.
  • pydevd updated to 2.9.5
    • Handle OSError when listing to get path with real case
  • More information is shown if formatting with black fails.
  • If conda lists the same env more than once, show it only once.
  • When configuring interpreter, detect if it's a conda env and mark to activate by default.

Release 10.0.2 (2022-12-10)

  • Fixed KeyAssistDialog (activated on Ctrl+2) which was using deprecated construct no longer available in 4.26 (2022-12).
  • Debugging
    • Properly allow setting locals to None when evaluating.
    • Allow using globals() when evaluating.
    • If gevent tries to disable the tracing prevent it.
    • On Python 3.11 _fork_exec is now properly monkey-patched for subprocesses.
    • Strings inside containers are no longer shown as special variables.

Release 10.0.1 (2022-10-28)

  • Fixed issue parsing exception groups on Python 3.11.
  • Fixed issue which prevented JDT (Java) files from being opened in the Project Explorer.
  • A better error message is shown when using an unsupported Python version.
  • Debugging
    • Updated Linux DLLs to fix PyInt_FromLong not found in Python 3.11.
    • Consider that paths are not case sensitive on Mac OS.

Release 10.0.0 (2022-10-01)

  • Only Python 3.6 onwards is now supported
    • Python 3.11 is now supported
    • Python 2.7 support is now dropped (please use PyDev 9.3.0 if you need Python 2.7).
  • Type inference
    • PyDev will now use typeshed by default.
    • It will still fallback to builtins introspection when needed.
    • Many improvements were done in the area which should result in better code-completion and find definition in general.
  • Debugging
    • When evaluating slow repr a note is shown related to the environment variable which should be used to customize it.
    • Silence warning given when debugging gevent.
    • It's now possible to use pydevd in DAP mode directly.
    • All the items in tuples and lists can now be seen when expanding.
    • Chained exception frames are shown in the in stack.
    • The cause message on chained exceptions is properly shown.
    • ctypes arrays are properly enumerated when debugging.
    • The debugger is cleared after fork in non-python process.
    • Top-level async is supported when evaluating in debugger/console.
    • Step in/step over support for IPython.
      • "PYDEVD_IPYTHON_COMPATIBLE_DEBUGGING" = "1" needs to be set in the environment when debugging IPython.
    • Properly stop at line 1 in frame eval mode.
    • Properly consider that argv[0] may be None.
    • Use to open file stream (to avoid EncodingWarnings with PYTHONWARNDEFAULTENCODING).
    • Protect against exception in linecache.getline.
    • Auto-attach to subprocess with .zip targets.
    • It's now possible to resolve symlinks when sending paths to the client.
    • Warnings when evaluating in repl are shown.
    • Errors with conditional breakpoints are clearer.
    • Breakpoint log messages are now printed when stepping too.
    • frame.f_locals is no longer called multiple times when assigning locals after evaluation.
    • If pandas has lower defaults for repr, use them.
    • Handle case where client may send files with different casing.
    • Fixed segfault attaching debugger to a running process.

Release 9.3.0 (2022-03-05)

  • Debugging
    • Fixed issue where the variable children wouldn't expand correctly.
    • Fixed some case where automatic connection to subprocesses wouldn't work.
    • Debugging with Pandas is much improved with the addition of some custom converters.
    • Opt-in support to show paused greenlets by setting GEVENT_SHOW_PAUSED_GREENLETS=1.
    • Support for newer versions of gevent.
    • Information on user settings paths is cached to fix issue with slow debugging using pipenv project.
    • A warning is shown if getting some attribute / getting its repr is slow.
    • Interactively inspect matplotlib plots when the QtAgg backend is used.
    • Support for PySide2.
    • Better error messages in case Python 3.11 frozen modules are being used.
    • Note: this will be the last debugger version supporting Python 2.7.
    • Newer releases will target only Python 3.6 onwards.
  • Others
    • Fix for case where indexing could fail to account for namespace folders.

Release 9.2.0 (2021-10-31)

  • Code completion
    • Code-completion is provided for TypedDict (when requested inside of string -- i.e.: dct['|']). (#PyDev-1167)
    • super completion on method with classmethod properly adds cls instead of self. (#PyDev-201)
    • Assigns after class definition are added to completions. (#PyDev-326)
  • Debugging
    • Terminate remote debugger without any process attached no longer throws an exception.
    • PyDev debugger threads are hidden in the threading module.
    • Line validation is made for django/jinja2 templates.
  • Others
    • Fixed regression from 9.1.0 so that Jython works properly again (start_new not available in threading). (#PyDev-1182)
    • Don't complain if self is not in parameters for zope.Interface. (#PyDev-646)
    • Fix issue loading test unit run.
    • Validation in new project wizard no longer takes too much time if a folder with lots of contents is set.
    • Add #noqa: <error_code> as quickfix for flake8 errors. (#PyDev-1146)
    • flake8 error code is shown in message description. (#PyDev-1146)

Release 9.1.0 (2021-10-03)

  • Python 3.10
    • The debugger now provides cython and frame evaluation mode for Python 3.10.
  • Code completion
    • Support for values returned by context manager. (#PyDev-1155)
    • Support for Union and | for Python 3.10. (#PyDev-1175)
    • Support for subclassing with generic types. (#PyDev-1174)
  • Others
    • Fixed issue loading environment variables from conda. (#PyDev-1173)
    • Fixed issue which could lead to infinite recursion.
    • The code formatter page is properly updated when loading formatter info.
    • Assign to variables takes into account type declaration. (#PyDev-1172)

Release 9.0.1 (2021-08-19)

  • Added missing binaries in debugger for Linux and Mac.

Release 9.0.0 (2021-08-15)

  • Python 3.10
    • Support for pattern matching.
    • Support for (multiple) parenthesized context managers.
    • Debugging.
    • Note: Python 3.10 support is still a work in progress, and is provided as an early release.
  • Java 16
    • Java 16 can now be used to run PyDev
    • When using Java 16, this update is required as older versions don't run smoothly on it due to backward-incompatible changes.
  • Typeshed
    • PyDev can now use typeshed (a collection of stubs for Python libraries) for type inference.
    • Albeit already usable, it's still considered experimental, so, it's opt-in.
    • To opt-in select "Use Typeshed for type inference (EXPERIMENTAL)" in "Preferences > PyDev > Interpreters".
  • Debugger
    • Preliminary support for Python 3.10.
    • Debugger properly handles case where return value name has the same value as another variable.
    • wxPyton event loop activation works for newer versions of wxPython.
  • Others
    • Performance improvement: traversing files to compute the PYTHONPATH contents is much faster.
    • It's now possible to use the Python installed from the Microsoft Store.
    • Updated Lucene.
    • Typing numbers and symbols in console properly moves cursor to edit position. (#PyDev-237)
    • --format=default is always set for Flake8. (#PyDev-1143)
    • Traceback is properly shown after failing test with nosetest and Python3. (#PyDev-1160)
    • Invalid django project names are properly dealt with. (#PyDev-1162)
    • Transform is properly disposed (resource leakage reported by Eclipse 4.20).
    • Type inference now works with typing.cast. (#PyDev-1158)

Release 8.3.0 (2021-04-10)

  • Java 11 is now required to run PyDev.
  • External linters
    • Configurations of the linters can be saved to the project or user settings (#PyDev-1139)
    • Flake8 has a more flexible UI for configuration. (#PyDev-1144)
  • Others
    • Option to add comments all at a single indent (note: this is now the default). (#PyDev-1141)
    • LRU for context-insensitive completion/quick fix. (#PyDev-1142)
    • Fixed some code-completion cases where self was wrongly added. (#PyDev-1134)
    • Environment variables are now supported in .pydevproject (expected format: ${env_var:VAR_NAME}). (#PyDev-1137)

Release 8.2.0 (2021-02-21)

  • External linters
    • Flake8 can now be used with PyDev (#PyDev-1127)
    • A single PyLint/Mypy/Flake8 call is done when code analysis for a folder. (#PyDev-1126)
      • Note: must be manually requested by right clicking a folder and selecting PyDev > Code analysis.
  • Comments are now added by default at the current indentation
    • Works better with code-formatters that change comments such as Black.
    • An option is still available to add # to the line start.
  • Code analysis
    • Fix for duplicated signature with @overload. (patch by Vito De Tullio)
    • Fix for undefined variable in return type annotations for classes "in construction" with from __future__ import annotations. (#PyDev-1125)
    • A class recognizes internal references to itself. (#PyDev-401)
  • Improvements in interpreter configuration
    • Various UI improvements.
    • It is now possible to add an interpreter from Conda. (#PyDev-1122)
  • Others
    • New preferences page to configure Path Mappings (for remote debugging). (#PyDev-1119)
    • XXX was added as a default TODO tag.

Release 8.0.1 (2020-11-07)

  • Main new features
    • Python 3.9 is now supported.
    • Quick-fix to convert a string to an f-string. (#PyDev-1093)
      • Handles %r and %s.
      • To convert any string to an f-string, use Ctrl+1 with the cursor inside the string.
  • Debugger (updated to pydevd 2.1.0)
    • Support for case-sensitive folders in windows.
    • Support for user unhandled exceptions.
    • Support for Python 3.9.
    • When using frame eval mode, all threads are now traced (even if not started from Python).
  • Refactoring
    • Fixes when inlining variables. (#PyDev-410 / #PyDev-1105)
    • Fixed issue where some references of constants were not properly found. (PyDev-1097)
    • Ctrl+Shift+G on class __init__ now searches for constructor references. (#PyDev-1086)
  • Others
    • MyPy errors are silenced in lines with #noqa. Fixes #PyDev-1090
    • Mark Skiped Tests as Skip in Overview (for unittest backend). (#PyDev-1096, patch by herostrat)
    • Code formatter now handles walrus operator properly. (#PyDev-1100)
    • Code completion now recognizes walrus operator. (#PyDev-1102)
    • Code completion for namedtuple defined as string now works properly. (#PyDev-1103)
    • Quick fix to surround with considers '$' properly.
    • Right-click to rerun test from PyUnit view now works with pytest parametrized tests.
    • Conda activation handling improved. (#PyDev-1080)
    • The IScopedPreferences API is now used auto-import and code-folding preferences (patch by Andreas Pakulat)
    • Show correct line numbers in problems view for analysis items (patch by Zeckie)
    • PyLint message with round brackets now properly handled. (#PyDev-1107, patch by Zeckie)

Release 8.0.0 (2020-09-06)

  • MyPy
    • Make sure that only one MyPy is running at a given time (to prevent cache corruptions).
    • Properly report MyPy messages that only have a line number. (#PyDev-1091)
    • MyPy integration now also shows notes for a message. (#PyDev-1088)
  • Debugger (updated to pydevd 2.0.0)
    • The frame evaluation mode (which adds programmatic breakpoints by rewriting bytecode) was redone (it had a critical issue which could make it skip breakpoints).
    • Fixed issue collecting try..except information.
    • Fixed issue evaluating numpy array with unexpected dimension.
  • Type Inference
    • Option to create a method at a given class properly considers type-hinting. (#PyDev-1092)
    • Support code-completion for Optional[]. (#PyDev-1089)
    • Properly handle type information when given as a string. (#PyDev-1082, #PyDev-1087)
    • Fixed issue where line/col was not forwarded properly in go to definition. (#PyDev-1075)
    • Typing info should have priority when available. (#PyDev-1079)
    • Properly get completions considering function annotation. (#PyDev-1078)
  • Test running
    • Fixed issue running tests which override address with nose. (#PYDev-1095)
    • Fixed issue where test import/export didn't deal well with binary chars that were collected from the test. (#PyDev-1067)
  • Others
    • When finding a file in a project on Windows consider paths as case insensitive.
    • .mypy_cache and .pytest_cache contents are now marked as derived (so they can be filtered out in searches).
    • Fixed case where auto-import could be added to wrong location. (#PyDev-1085)
    • Occurrence was not found in type hint return. (#PyDev-1076)
    • Find references not working for constant depending how it's used. (#PyDev-1083)
    • Backported fix to properly parse raw f-string in Python 3.6. (#PyDev-991)
    • Code completion inside f-strings. (#PyDev-1081)

Release 7.7.0 (2020-08-02)

  • MyPy integration improvements

    • New option to set project source folders as MYPYPATH.
    • --follow-imports=silent now set by default.
    • The cache dir is set by default to project/.mypy_cache
  • Many improvements for dealing with typing information (in code-analysis and code-completion).

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.9.2)

    • Fix dealing with generator expressions with multiple breakpoints in frame eval mode.
    • Improvements to deal with blocking evaluate requests.
  • Support for pip installed namespace packages (#PyDev-151).

  • Fixes in the PyLint integration (#PyDev-729).

  • Updated to latest isort.

  • isort properly gets project level configuration (#PyDev-993).

  • Support for parsing using the latest version of cython (0.29).

  • Properly supporting the latest pytest version (6.0) (TerminalWriter API changed).

  • Fix when applying diffs from external tool (such as the black formatter).

  • Projects sorted by name even if project is also a source folder in the PyDev Package Explorer (#PyDev-959).

  • Fix in extract method refactoring with typing information (#PyDev-1034)

  • Auto-edit for __exit__ parameters (#PyDev-1068).

  • Nodes are no longer auto-expanded in quick outline if the outline is too big.

  • Properly computing local import target location on code completion with auto local import (#PyDev-1070).

Release 7.6.0 (2020-06-04)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.9.1).

    • Variables are now grouped (special/class/function/protected) -- note: it's possible to hide groups in the variables view menu dropdown.
    • When a launching a subprocess does not target a python executable, the original args are kept (so, quotes are no longer trimmed).
    • A step in which would skip code won't be reported in the return if it'd reach the same location.
    • The disassembled version of a frame may be shown if the sources are not available.
    • PySide2 is supported to recognize QThreads/event loop in interactive console.
  • Python 3.8 parsing fixes

    • Properly parsing f-strings with named unicode character. i.e.: f"N{BULLET}". (#PyDev-989)
    • Properly parsing f-strings formats using colon. i.e.: f"{ %H:%M:%S}". (#PyDev-1061)
    • Properly parsing f-strings with vars ending in equals. i.e.: f'{y=}'. (#PyDev-1045)
    • Properly parsing raw f-strings such as rf"str". (#PyDev-1020)
    • Properly parsing iterable unpacking syntax. i.e.: return lastname.upper(), *members. (#PyDev-1048)
  • Support for the latest version of PyTest (which may resolve symlinks and changed the TerminalWriter import location).

  • PyDev package explorer is a bit faster (cache source project paths for a project).

  • Recognizing type comments for self attributes. i.e.: #: :type self.var: MyClass. (#PyDev-520)

  • Trailing commas properly recognized in automatic import. (#PyDev-542)

Release 7.5.0 (2020-01-10)

  • Fixed support for Python 3.8 (which wasn't properly added to 7.4.0).

  • Improved Cython support:

    • Cython itself is used to generate the AST for Cython files.
    • Cython needs to be available in the default interpreter.
    • Cython does not currently support generating the AST for files with errors, so, syntax errors must be fixed for the code-completion to work properly.
  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.9.0).

    • Improved stepping into coroutines
    • Attach to process no longer needs to match the bitness of the target program with the interpreter.
    • File with a relative path is searched in sys.path folders (i.e.: so, cython builds can find the source).

Release 7.4.0 (2019-10-25)

  • Support for the Python 3.8.

  • Code analysis fix: default values properly marks variables as used (#PyDev-945).

  • On the context menu to analyze files, make sure that non-python files are not analyzed (#PyDev-1008).

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.8.0).

    • Support for PyPy.
    • Support for Python 3.8.
    • Properly show stack trace exception for unhandled exceptions with generator.
    • Handle binary data when redirecting output.
    • Properly evaluate unicode strings on Python 2.
    • Fix dlopen return type for gdb 8.3.1 (patch by Vladimir Dvorak).

Release 7.3.0 (2019-08-16)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.7.1).

    • Fix thread cleanup issue on fork (debugger could crash when subprocess pool was closed).
    • Improvements in attach to pid.
    • When setting the tracing in one thread attach it to other threads too.
  • Make it possible to select the black executable (#PyDev-1003).

  • Update debug console to work with newer versions of Eclipse (patch by Paul Pazderski).

  • Fix code completion for non-english locale (patch by guyingzhao).

Release 7.2.1 (2019-04-26)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.6.1).

    • IronPython is debuggable again.
  • Improved performance of code which checked if some text was a link in the console (which was the cause for some delays when too much text was printed in the console).

  • Duplicate signature is no longer reported with typing.orverload (#PyDev-970).

  • Fixed highlighting variables in f-strings (#PyDev-973).

Release 7.2.0 (2019-03-25)

  • Debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.6.0).

    • Fixed issue quoting/unquoting parameters for subprocess.
    • Fixed exception breakpoints for Django and Jinja2.
    • Console hook import compatibility with matplotlib and pylab fixed.
  • Fixed issue where pipenv executable search was being executed over and over when it was not found.

Release 7.1.0 (2019-02-03)

  • Accept #region / #endregion (for code folding) at any level.
  • Fixed deadlock during race-condition (#PyDev-961).
  • Fixed hover links when different pydev_link pointers are used (patch by Daniel).
  • Fixed issue where the auto-formatter changed only the \n in a \r\n and the editor presentation became wrong.
  • Many debugger improvements (updated to pydevd 1.5.0).
  • To use the interactive console in IPython mode, the following environment variable must be set: IPYTHONENABLE=True (previously it was enabled whenever IPython was available).

Release 7.0.3 (2018-11-08)

  • Mypy

    • PyDev can now use Mypy when doing code analysis.
  • Black Formatter

    • PyDev can now use black as the code formatting engine.
  • Virtual environments

    • It's now possible to use pipenv for managing virtual environments.

    • It's possible to manage virtual environments from the editor.

      • Ctrl+2, pip <command>
      • Ctrl+2, pipenv <command>
      • Ctrl+2, conda <command>
  • Debugger

    • Should be much faster for those on Python 3.6 onwards with cython extensions (using frame evaluation).
  • The Python 3.7 grammar is now available as an option (even though it's the same as 3.6).

  • Removed support for using the Python 2.4 grammar.

  • The 2to3 integration shows a better dialog.

  • It's possible to autogenerate docstring parameters using the Google Code format (patch by ghbcode).

Release 6.5.0 (2018-09-01)

  • Debugger

    • Debugger is much more responsive (fixed bug in reader/writer on the PyDev side).
    • breakpoint() builtin is now supported to add a programmatic breakpoint (on any Python version).
    • Watch expression no longer giving error if evaluation is empty (patch by glhez).
  • Editor

    • Code folding of #region/#endregion regions (patch by ghbcode).
    • There's a new action which allows creating local imports from a global import (use Ctrl+1 on top of global import name).
  • It's now possible to change the default interpreter through an action (default binding: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I).

  • The interactive console now has scroll lock (patch by bongibong).

Release 6.4.4 (2018-07-28)

  • Debugger

    • Fixed issue where a unicode could be used where a string was expected.
    • Providing wheel for Python 3.7.
    • Fixed issue running Jython.
    • No longer showing pydevd internals in the stack.
    • Fixed issue with interactive console and debugger integration.
  • Editor

    • Fixed issue parsing and analyzing f-strings.

Release 6.4.3 (2018-07-04)

  • Fixed critical error on debugger (could deadlock when creating a new thread).

Release 6.4.2 (2018-07-02)

  • Fixed critical error parsing f-strings.

Release 6.4.1 (2018-06-23)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Debugger

    • Fixed issue tracing lamda functions.
    • pydevd.settrace() could end up not stopping the debugger properly.
  • Grammar: fixed issue parsing f-strings.

Release 6.4.0 (2018-06-18)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Debugger

    • Notification of threads is done as they're created instead of synchronized afterwards.
    • Support for using frame evaluation disabled by default as it made the debugger much slower on some cases.
    • Fixed case where breakpoint was missed if an exception was raised in a given line.
    • Properly break on unhandled exceptions on threads.
    • Add missing import which affected repl with IPython.
    • Fix for case where breakpoints could be missed.
  • Code Formatter

    • It's now possible to use the PyDev code formatter using the command line.
    • Fixed issue where blank line was being put in the wrong place in the PyDev code formatter.
  • Fixed issue sending current line to interactive console (F2).

Release 6.3.3 (2018-05-05)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Debugger

    • Command which evaluates selected text in debugger is now properly categorized.
    • Warning is no longer shown when a breakpoint is disabled and later removed.
    • Fixed issue evaluating conditional breakpoints.
  • Fixed racing condition when executing scripts which could make some scripts not be executed properly (which could break sending contents to the interactive console).

  • Autocomplete disabled when renaming symbols (#PyDev-766).

  • Interactive console exits properly when Eclipse is not properly closed (#PyDev-860).

  • Code-formatter properly dealing with matrix multiplication operator @= (#PyDev-904).

  • Fixed issue where the default preferences window had no focus (#PyDev-702).

  • Translations fixed for the interactive console view (patch by Mat Booth).

Release 6.3.2 (2018-03-17)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Type inference

    • Initial support for .pyi stub files (#PyDev-903) -- note that currently .pyi needs to be along the typed .py file.
    • Improvements to determine if a completion references a bound or unbound method.
  • Fixed issue opening code completion preferences page.

Release 6.3.1 (2018-02-26)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Type inference

    • Folders no longer require __init__ to be considered a package.
    • Properly recognize cx_Oracle.cp36-win_amd64.pyd as cx_Oracle (#PyDev-885).
  • Handle empty numpy arrays in debugger.

  • Fix getting path to activate conda env on Linux.

  • Fix Debug console freeze when evaluation raises exception with Python 3.5 onwards (#PyDev-877).

  • Interactive console accepting new args passed by IPython in showtraceback (#PyDev-882).

  • Improve terminating running processes (and children).

  • Properly parsing f-strings which contain double {{ or }} (#PyDev-884).

Release 6.2.0 (2017-11-28)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Interactive Console

    • It's possible to use word-wrapping in the PyDev interactive console (#PyDev-862).
  • Code Completion

    • Checking list unpacking with user specified types.
    • Code completion aware of variable typing from Python 3.6 (#PyDev-866).
  • Others

    • Properly terminating child processes of launched python processes on Linux with Java 9 (#PyDev-871).
    • Comments with 3 dashes properly appear in outline in all cases (#PyDev-868).
    • Properly hyperlinking pytest output.
    • Accepting noqa as a way to skip errors (#PyDev-814).
    • If there's a flake8: noqa in the first 3 lines of the file, don't analyze it (#PyDev-814).
    • Fixed issue where a closing peer character was skiped when it was actually not a matching closing peer (#PyDev-869).
    • Fixed issue where line indentation was not correct on a new line with multiple open parenthesis.

Release 6.1.0 (2017-11-05)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Code Formatter

    • The PyDev code formatter can now add/remove blank lines to comply with pep-8.
    • Added preference to skip blank lines formatting.
  • Editor

    • Editor now tolerant against errors in the definitions of style ranges.
    • When in link mode (after a code completion with params for instance), properly skip closing parenthesis if already well balanced.
    • Fix logic error in editor preferences for disabling subword navigation (patch by Stuart Berg).
  • Others

    • Using python -m 'pip' when unable to find pip executable in interpreter preferences (#PyDev-853).
    • PyDev set next statement action set no longer disables Debug action set (#PyDev-859).
    • It's possible to silence question about saving resources before a refactoring operation.
    • Add problem markers for python files that declare invalid encodings (patch by Mat Booth).
    • Other minor bugfixes.

Release 6.0.0 (2017-09-19)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Interpreter configuration

    • The list of packages installed in the interpreter is shown in the IDE (supports either pip or conda).
    • It's now possible to install/uninstall packages using either pip or conda directly from the IDE.
    • Provides a way to load variables if interpreter is from a conda environment (Load conda env vars before run configuration).
    • A default string substitution variable named PY is now created with the major and minor version of the created interpreter.
    • It's now possible to configure a project to always use a grammar compatible with the interpreter version (default for new projects -- #PyDev-846).
  • Editor

    • Subword navigation is now available (and enabled by default -- can be customized at PyDev > Editor).
    • Changed default config for minimap (smaller and not showing elements -- can be customized at PyDev > Editor > Overview Ruler Minimap).
    • Code completion no longer active in comments in last line of editor (#PyDev-762).
  • Debugger

    • Fix find_module signature (patch by James Blackburn).
    • Fix qt_loader to support PEP 302 correctly.
    • Fix in matplotlib_options from ipython (#PyDev-779).
    • When show all uppercase references is used as a filter, only digits shouldn't be filtered out in variables view (#PyDev-794).
  • PyLint

    • Added setting to search PyLint installed in interpreter (#PyDev-811).
  • Unittest

    • It's possible to edit a run configuration from dialog to select tests to run (Ctrl+F9) (patch by Robert Gomulka).
    • Test(s) name is shown in the run configuration (patch by Robert Gomulka -- #PyDev-840).
  • isort integration

    • The modules that are known to be third party or system modules in the PyDev configuration are passed to isort.
    • Proper support for isort:skip and isort:skip_file.
    • Internal isort caches properly being cleared between invocations (fix for case where changes to config were not reflected in isort).
  • Others

    • Fix to properly interrupt infinite loop in the Interactive Console (#PyDev-816).
    • Fix issue where user could do a drag n drop in system libs which could put an entry below another entry, which actually removed it from the config (#PyDev-821).
    • Fix where runfile was not available on interactive debugger when python-future is installed (#PyDev-845).
    • Fix NullPointerException on code-completion.
    • mutagen added to forced builtins by default (#PyDev-819).

Release 5.9.2 (2017-08-15)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Debugger

    • Some critical fixes related to issues in the latest debugger (#PyDev-837, #PyDev-838, #PyDev-817).
  • Added support for having isort as the engine for import sorting.

  • Fixed issue when parsing empty f-string.

Release 5.9.0 (2017-08-10)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Debugger

    • Integrated speedups for Python 3.6 which use the new Python hook which allows the debugger to add breakpoints through bytecode manipulation.
  • Fixed issue on text search with Lucene when the user had another plugin which also used lucene (#PyDev-826).

  • From this version onwards, PyDev is built with a proper certificate (previous versions used a self-signed certificate).

  • Google App Engine templates now working out of the box (patch by Mat Booth).

  • Optimization in editor highlighting when dealing with huge files.

  • Some bugfixes in pytest integration.

  • cv2 added to forced builtins by default for working with OpenCV.

Release 5.8.0 (2017-06-06)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Code Analysis

    • Fixed issue getting existing PyLint markers.
    • There's now an Info and an Ignore level.
  • Debugger

  • Code Coverage

    • Fixed issue getting code-coverage version. #PyDev-791
    • Properly works when running with pytest (provided that pytest-cov is installed).
  • Others

    • Update .yaml file for google app engine project templates (patch by JunjieW).
    • Upgraded Lucene to 6.1.0 (patch by Sopot Cela).
    • Update docstring parameters (Ctrl+1 on method) properly considers sphinx with types. #PyDev-787
    • Code Completion: Properly finding __init__ from superclass in inherited classes. #PyDev-802
    • No longer showing icon to start interactive console in toolbar because Eclipse could end up creating multiple entries which were shown forever. #PyDev-708
    • Other minor bugfixes.

Release 5.7.0 (2017-04-11)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • PyLint

    • The PyLint integration is much improved.
    • Working along with the PyDev code-analysis.
    • If there's an equivalent code analysis error in PyLint and PyDev, the PyLint one is hidden.
    • Ctrl+1 on PyLint error line shows option to silent error in that line.
    • See: for details.
  • Debugger

    • Fixed issue when sorting which could lead to error comparing a value with None.
    • Fixed issue which prevented debugger from working with Jython due to the lack of sys._current_frames.
    • Testing Jython on CI.
  • Code Completion

    • Properly unpacking assigns from a parameter to an instance with type documented in docstring. #PyDev-778
  • Others

    • When assigning parameters to attributes (Ctrl+1 on function def), skip adding duplicate assignments.
    • When adding parameters to docstrings (Ctrl+1 on function def), it will now properly update an existing docstring, not only create one from scratch.
    • In Windows, when searching executables, priority is given to a python executable found in the PATH (as in Mac/Linux).
    • Fixed issue were space was wrongly removed in code formatter. #PyDev-784

Release 5.6.0 (2017-03-22)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Debugger

    • Performance enhancements on the debugger (which should be 60%-100% faster now).
    • The debugger now only supports Python 2.6 onwards (keep on PyDev 5.5.0 for Python 2.5 or below).
    • Properly displaying variables when the interactive console is connected to a debug session. #PyDev-776
    • Providing a way for the debugger to support a user-specified version of Qt for debugging QThreads (preferences > PyDev > Debug > Qt Threads).
    • Fixed issue where a native Qt signal is not callable message was raised when connecting a signal to QThread.started.
    • Fixed issue in displaying variable (with Ctrl+Shift+D) when debugging.
    • Debug view toolbar icons no longer appearing stretched due to Set Next Statement icon having a different size.
  • Code completion

    • super is now properly recognized (code completion and find definition).
    • pytest fixtures are now properly recognized (code completion and find definition).
    • Suppress invalid completions on literals numbers (patch by Jonah Graham)
  • Others

    • It's now possible to save the PyUnit preferences to the project or user settings.
    • Upgraded pep8 to the latest pycodestyle.
    • Upgraded to latest autopep8.
    • Fixed issue in Django shell if version >= 1.10 #PyDev-752.
    • Add support for coverage 4.x (minimum supported version is now 4.3). #PyDev-691
    • Syntax highlighting for matmul operator (was being considered a decorator). #PyDev-771
    • Making PyLint use the same thread pool used for code analysis.
    • String index out of range while reading buffer in AbstractShell. #PyDev-768

Release 5.5.0 (2017-01-19)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Refactoring

    • Fixed refactoring error when dealing with imports which have a continuation char inside the module name part. #PyDev-712
    • When extracting a method, decorators are properly considered for the new method position. #PyDev-321
  • Code completion

    • When accessing enums, 'value' and 'name' are properly found. #PyDev-591

    • Code completion improved on method chaining. #PyDev-636 and #PyDev-583

    • It's now possible to choose whether when a code-completion which adds a local import should add the import to the beginning of the function or the line above where it was requested.

      • It may be configured in the preferences (Preferences > PyDev > Editor > Code Completion > Put local imports on top of method?).
      • Default was changed to add it to the top of the method.
  • New actions

    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O can be used to open the last hyperlink in the console that's currently open (it's now possible to jump directly to the error in some exception). #PyDev-755
    • Ctrl+2,sw switches the target and value in assign statements (may not work properly if more than one '=' is found in the line).
  • Debugger

    • Fixed error when hovering over variable when debugging. #PyDev-580
  • Others

    • Fixed issue in grammar parsing on nested async calls. #PyDev-753
    • Fixed issue grouping imports when an import has a continuation char inside the module part. #PyDev 712

Release 5.4.0 (2016-11-28)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • If you enjoy PyDev, please show your appreciation through its Patreon crowdfunding:

  • Initial support for Python 3.6

    • Code analysis for expressions on f-strings.
    • Syntax highlighting on f-strings.
    • Handling of underscores in numeric literals.
    • Parsing (but still not using) variable annotations.
    • Parsing asynchronous generators and comprehensions.
  • Launching

    • Improved console description of the launch.
    • Support launching files with python -m (instead of python module/ Note: Has to be enabled at Preferences > PyDev > Run.
  • Debugger

    • Shows return values (may be disabled on preferences > PyDev > Debug).
    • When the user is waiting for some input, it'll no longer try to evaluate the entered contents.
    • Fix for multiprocess debugging when the debugger is started with a programmatic breakpoint (pydevd.settrace).
  • Unittest integration

    • Bugfixes in the pytest integration related to unicode errors.
    • unittest subtests are now properly handled in the PyDev unittest runner.
    • The currently selected tests are persisted.
  • Others

    • In Linux, when applying a completion which would automatically add an import, if the user focuses the completion pop-up (with Tab) and applies the completion with Shift+Enter, a local import is properly made.

Release 5.3.1 (2016-10-31)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Code Completion

    • Substring completions are on by default (may be turned off in the code-completion preferences).
    • Fixed issue with code-completion using aliases.
  • Others

    • Auto-fix imports with Ctrl+Shift+O properly sorts items based on the same sorting improvements for code-completion.
    • When fixing unresolved import (with Ctrl+1) it properly resolves dependent projects (bugfix for regression in 5.3.0).
    • async and await keywords are properly highlighted.
    • async blocks properly auto-indented.
    • In PEP 448 list unpack variable was not being marked as a "Load" variable (which made the code analysis yield false positives).

Release 5.3.0 (2016-10-12)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
    • See: update sites page for the update site of older versions of PyDev.
    • See: the PyDev does not appear after install section on the download page for help on using a Java 8 vm in Eclipse.
  • Syntax validation for multiple grammars

    • Helps to make code which is Python 2 and 3 compatible.
    • To customize, go to Project Properties > PyDev - Interpreter/Grammar, and select grammars for "additional syntax validation".
  • Code completion

    • The code-completion can now do substring based matches (i.e.: the proposals will be shown if any part of the completion matches the requested name).

    • It's now the default (to revert to the mode which matches based on "startsWith", change the setting "Preferences > PyDev > Editor > Code Completion > Match substrings on code completion?" to false).

    • Completion proposals have the part of the completion used to do the match in bold.

    • Qualifiers of the completion (i.e.: package name) are styled differently (color may be customized in General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Basic Qualifier Information Color).

    • Completions are re-sorted when the name used to request a code completion changes.

    • Sorting is based on:

      • The current name typed (so that matches that are exact or start with the requested token appear first).
      • The type of the completion (parameter, local, context insensitive with auto-import, etc).
      • Where the completion was found (so, matches from the same project go first, referenced projects second and standard library last).
    • Ctrl and Shift Behavior when applying code-completion proposal

      • Ctrl is always "replace the current name with the completion" for all completions.
      • Pressing Ctrl to override the next name in code completion no longer looses the highlight in the editor.
      • On code completion with auto-import, for doing local imports, the pop-up must be focused and Shift must be kept pressed while the completion is applied.
  • PyQt5 support in Interactive Console

    • PyQt5 may now be used as a backend in the interactive console so that widgets/plots can be inspected interactively while using the console.
    • May be activated with %matplotlib qt5 (when using IPython) or in "Preferences > PyDev > Interactive Console > Enable GUI event loop integration > PyQt5".

Release 5.2.0 (2016-08-17)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.5 onwards.

    • PyDev 4.5.5 is the last release supporting Java 7 and Eclipse 3.8.
    • See: update sites page for the update site of older versions of PyDev.
    • See: the PyDev does not appear after install section on the download page for help on using a Java 8 vm in Eclipse.
  • Inital support for code-completion using PEP 484 static type declarations.

  • Debugger

    • Fixed racing condition where the variables view would not be properly shown in the debugger -- which made an additional select of the stack required in order to show the variables (#PyDev-672).
    • Reusing the existing stack from the thread in the debugger (so that the expanded state of the variables is properly kept on step over).
    • Fixed issue changing attribute of local variable in the variables view (#PyDev.Debugger-56).
    • Fixed issue on attach to process: it required the pydevd_tracing to be at the top-level and it was moved to _pydevd_bundle (restored it to be a public API).
  • Indentation

    • The default indent mode now changed to better follow PEP 8 guidelines:

      • Indenting directly after {, [, ( will add one indent level.
      • Indenting after another token in a line with a {, [, ( will indent to the {, [, ( level.
    • It's possible to restore previous indent modes (which either always indented to the parenthesis level or always indented a single level) in the preferences > PyDev > Editor > Typing.

  • Interactive console

    • IPython 5 now supported in interactive console (#PyDev-710).
    • Fixed issue executing single line with multiple statements in console.
    • Fixed issue executing a multiple line statement in Jython.
  • Others

    • The (fast) parser which detects the outline of a Python module now handles mixed indentation (and additional fixes which could result in log entries such as "Did not expect to find item below node: Assign...").
    • Support for unpacking generalizations (PEP 448) which could still result in a syntax error for the Python 3 grammar (#PyDev-701).
    • Fixed error in code analysis when the code is connected to an RTC source control (#PyDev-622, patch by Wesley Barroso Lopes)

Release 5.1.2 (2016-06-23)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.5.x.

    • PyDev 4.5.5 is the last release supporting Java 7 and Eclipse 3.8.
    • See: update sites page for the update site of older versions of PyDev.
    • See: the PyDev does not appear after install section on the download page for help on using a Java 8 vm in Eclipse.
  • The pytest integration was redone and should now work properly with the latest pytest.

    • Properly showing output of tests in PyUnit view.
    • Improved dealing with items filtered through Ctrl+F9.
    • Better support for xdist (no longer reporting that the session finished when only a slave finished).
    • Reporting skipped items as "skip" and not "ok".
    • Properly showing running tests on PyUnit view.
  • Not using in Python 3.2 for the execfile custom implementation.

  • Expand and collapse keybindings changed to use the Numpad entries (so that they don't override the add/subtract used for zooming). #PyDev 695.

  • The hover in PyDev has a brand new implementation which is now more flexible and easier to extend in plugins (patch by Mark A. Leone).

Release 5.0.0 (2016-05-05)

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.5.x.

    • PyDev 4.5.5 is the last release supporting Java 7 and Eclipse 3.8.
    • See: update sites page for the update site of older versions of PyDev.
    • See: the PyDev does not appear after install section on the download page for help on using a Java 8 vm in Eclipse.
  • PyUnit view now persists its state across restarts.

  • Fixed issue in super() code completion.

  • PyDev.Debugger updated to the latest version.

  • No longer showing un-needed shell on Linux on startup when showing donation dialog.

  • Fixed pyedit_wrap_expression to avoid halt of the IDE on Ctrl+1 -> Wrap expression.

Release 4.5.5 (2016-03-22)

  • Code Completion

    • namedtuple now recognized in code-completion.
    • Code completion now available for super() (#PyDev-592).
  • PyTest integration

    • Files in tracebacks now clickable in latest pytest.
    • Skips not marked as errors in the latest pytest.
  • Parser:

    • async and await should also be valid as names in Python 3 grammar (#PyDev-593).
    • Additional Unpacking Generalizations from PEP 448 recognized (#PyDev-667).
    • Made clearer in the UI that Python 3 grammar should support Python 3.0 to Python 3.5.
  • Debugger:

    • tests package should no longer pollute name space (Removed tests directories from build: #PyDev-663).
    • Multiprocessing working properly under debugger (Celery Cannot Run in Debug Mode: #PyDev-662).
  • Others:

    • Introduce source features/plugins (patch by Andreas Pakulat).
    • Default test runner now works with Django >= 1.8 (#PyDev 614, patch by Ville Skyttä).

Release 4.5.4 (2016-01-29)

  • Debugger

    • Fixed critical issue, in which the main process was killed during the debugging when a subprocess exited when "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" was enabled (#PyDev 656).
    • Fixed issue which broke the action to get the referrers of some object in the debugger (right-click variable in debugger > get referrers).

Release 4.5.3 (2016-01-21)

  • Debugger

    • Fixed issue in set next statement (#PyDev 651).
    • pydevd.settrace was stopping inside the debugger and not in user code (#PyDev 648).
    • subprocess.Popen could crash when running non python executable (#PyDev 650).
  • PyUnit view

    • The last pinned test suite appears as the first entry in the history.
    • More information is shown on the test run history.
    • A string representation of the test suite can be saved in the clipboard (last item in the test run history).
  • Indexing: fixed issue where the indexing and code-analysis could race with each other and one could become corrupt.

Release 4.5.1

  • Debugger

  • Improved the search to always play safe and update the index so that the matches are always consistent (#PyDev-634).

  • Fixed issue renaming top-level module on refactoring.

  • Refactoring has option to rename variable to a standard case style.

  • Improved the parser that extracted the outline for global tokens to deal with async and consider declarations inside ifs.

  • Code completion of properties with @property no longer shows arguments parenthesis (#PyDev-453).

  • Preventing a freeze if some code-analysis takes too much time (#PyDev-636).

  • Ctrl+1 can be used to wrap/unwrap the contents of brackets (patch by yohell).

Release 4.4.0

  • Improved PyDev Package Explorer to give more information when all elements are filtered.
  • Code completion improvements: when parameter is typed in the docstring, assigning it to an instance gives proper code-completion results whe accessing the instance.
  • Fixed issues dealing with ansi colors in the interactive console.
  • When autopep8 is applied as the code formatting engine, the region selected is used to specify the lines for formatting.
  • Minor improvements in the debugger.

Release 4.3.0

  • Fixed parser for Python 3.x to support async and await as regular names too (PyDev-593).
  • The new search dialog now has a 'whole word' option which automatically adds * to the search
  • Search backend updated to Lucene 5.2.1.
  • When bringing up the search dialog the search text is initially selected.

Release 4.2.0

  • New search page for Python contents

    • Text-searches using a Lucene index allows for fast matches.
    • Matches can be flattened and grouped by project, folders and modules.
    • Results page allows additional filtering based on module name.

  • Further improvements on code completion unpacking compound types.

  • Not adding auto 'import' token in cython files (to accept cimport).

  • PyDev Mylyn integration no longer depends on a specific PyDev release.

  • Fixed halting condition when unable to create native file watches.

  • Vertical indent guide no longer slows down the editor on Linux (PyDev-582).

Release 4.1.0

  • Code Completion

    • Improved unpacking of compound types on more situations (PyDev-573).
  • Debugger

    • PyDev remote debugging no longer blocks running program to completion (PyDev-574).
    • When there are too many referrers to some object, results are trimmed.
  • Python 3 grammar

    • Accepting @ as matrix multiplication operator.
    • async and await are properly parsed.
    • Fixed issue parsing 'list remainder' construct (PyDev-568).
  • Others

    • Fixed issue showing editor title name when more than one dot was present in the filename.
    • Support automatic folding elements when opening a file -- must be enabled in PyDev > Editor > Code Folding (patch by Andreas Pakulat).
    • Fixed issue on search page.
    • Included css to set default editor colors for PyDev for in Eclipse dark theme.
    • Tab-stops on comments added and enabled by default (patch by jheiv).
    • Fixed StackOverflowError on code-completion (PyDev-570)

Release 4.0.0

  • Code Completion

    • PyDev can now code-complete unpacking compound types (such as list(str), tuple(MyClass), dict(int:str), etc).
    • Code-completion now has a maximum amount of time to complete (which may be changed in the code-completion preferences).
  • Editor

    • Bytes and Unicode literals now have different colors (note: by default the Unicode kept the same color used for the old 'Strings' configuration).
    • Mark occurrences is now also provided on some statements (such as return, continue, etc).
  • Others

    • It's now possible to bind custom keybindings to help in passing custom commands to the interactive console (see: PyDev > Interactive Console > User Commands)
    • The bundled and were upgraded.
    • Search for references (Ctrl+Shift+G) is faster (all processors available are used for the initial search).
    • Search page now has a 'whole word' option.
    • Improvements in the PyVmMonitor integration in MacOS and Linux to find the PyVmMonitor executable.
    • Fixed PyDev-Mylyn integration in the PyDev Package Explorer to work with the latest Mylyn.
    • Fixed issue doing code-completion for elements of a list (lst[0].) in the console. (PyDev-531)
    • py.test xfailed tests are no longer marked as 'Failed' in PyUnit view (PyDev-506)

Release 3.9.2

  • Debugger

    • The debug view now has an interactive console (with history) attached to it by default (which may be toggled on/off). (PyDev-507)
    • Debugger no longer reopens a file when that file is already opened. (PyDev-456)
    • Handled issue when getting referrers for some object gave an error if it was found in a dict where the key is not a string.
    • When interactive console starts in debug session, a banner is no longer shown.
    • Stepping with #@DontTrace no longer returns through decorator call-site. (PyDev-526)
    • The default for tracing template render exceptions on Django is now false.
  • Interactive Console

    • F2 to send contents from editor to console now considers backslash continuations. (PyDev-502)
    • Interactive Console interrupt now properly interrupts a sleep call (when possible). (PyDev-500)
    • PyDev interactive console now has a user-specified encoding (by default UTF-8). (PyDev-454)
    • Scroll the console on stdout / stderr output. (PyDev-504, patch by James Blackburn)
    • Moved interactive console initial commands to a separate preferences page.
    • Handling interrupted system call EINTR in the (PyDev-534)
    • Fixed racing condition where the output of the console could appear as a user input. (PyDev-490, patch by James Blackburn)
  • Refactoring

    • Fixed issue where indentation lost on rename module refactoring. (PyDev-498)
    • The rename modules refactoring wizard now provides a way to do a simple resource rename (to rename extensions).
  • Others

    • Converting filename from .pyx to .py doesn't loose indexing on the file anymore. (PyDev-525)
    • The Cython parser now properly scopes methods.
    • Pasting contents directly in the PyDev package explorer to create a file uses the proper delimiter.
    • Fixed deadlock in ImageCache when rendering debug completions from console. (PyDev-527)
    • Fixed deadlock on racing condition when rendering PyTextHover. (PyDev-523)
    • Tab settings were separated from the editor color settings and may now be persisted in the project/user settings.
    • Fixed surround with try..finally/except indentation on Ctrl+1 when some line has a comment which has a different indentation.

Release 3.9.1

  • Preferences
    • PyDev preferences may now be saved and persisted for each project or in the user settings (not just in the workspace).
    • Currently Save actions, Code Formatter, Typing and Imports are supported (more to come in upcoming releases).
    • The same pages in the preferences are used to save settings to (multiple) projects or user settings.
    • Configuration files are saved in Yaml format and are meant to be saved in version control.
  • Editor
    • The option to apply auto-formating was changed to apply any save actions in non-workspace files.
    • Editor icon improved for dark theme (patch by Fathony Luthfillah).
    • When running the pep8 code analysis, the markers shown are no longer 1 character off.
  • Django
    • Improved Django 1.7 support (patch by David Lehrian).
  • Profiling
    • Integration with PyVmMonitor:
      • A profiling view was created where the location of PyVmMonitor should be specified.
      • Just turning the option on will make all runs from that point on run with the selected profile backend enabled.
  • Debugger
    • Connecting to subprocesses working in Python 3.4.
    • Attach to running process is now supported on Mac OS.
  • Others
    • Unset VIRTUAL_ENV before running external Python to protect the sys.path (patch by James Blackburn).
    • pytest: Expected failure is no longer marked as a failure.
    • pytest: The working dir is changed so that conftests are loaded properly (to workaround issue in pytest:
    • Fixed issue where an unused import would not be properly removed if it was not a from import.
    • Fixed exception when drawing minimap overview ruler.

Release 3.9.0

  • Vertical Indent Guide is now available (may be customized in PyDev > Editor > Vertical Indent Guide. PyDev-359).

  • Minimap

    • The horizontal scrollbar is shown by default (again). It's still possible to hide it in the Preferences > PyDev > Editor > Overview Ruler Minimap.
    • Fixed critical issue where the minimap could lead to a repaint recursion on some Linux versions (reproduced on Ubuntu 12. LiClipse-120).
  • The PYTHONPATH is now properly passed to PyLint when using an external executable (PyDev-475).

  • Fixed issue where breakpoints in other editors (i.e.: CDT) where wrongly being handled by PyDev (patch by Danny Yoo. PyDev-482).

  • Fixed issue doing code-completion for builtins in Jython (PyDev-457).

  • Interactive Console

    • When doing a code-completion with Ctrl+Space, let tab change the focus instead of doing the tab-enabled completion.
    • Output given from the backend could end up being editable (PyDev-465).
    • input() was including the prompt in the input string (PyDev-465).
    • Debugger console was outputting greeting message when it shouldn't (PyDev-464).
  • pep8: --exclude can now be used in pep8 parameters (patch by Sebastian Elsner. PyDev-466).

  • autopep8: end line delimiter is now being kept (patch by Ben Blank. PyDev-461).

  • Unittest integration: Making sure we don't import the unittest module before executing pytest (PyDev-455).

  • Unittest integration: Fix to use the proper encoding when passing stdout/stderr to the java side.

  • Fixed issue when debugging file without extension (when there was no default editor associated to the file name).

  • Debugger: getpass properly working with additional arguments (PyDev-460).

Release 3.8.0

  • Debugger

    • It's now possible to attach debugger to running process in Windows and Linux (open debug perspective > PyDev > Attach to Process)
  • pep8 upgraded to 1.5.7

  • Fixed issue in dialog shown when PyDev editor is opened which could lead to closing the IDE.

  • Selecting PyQT API version using sip.setapi no longer fails in debug mode (PyDev-452).

  • Code completion tries to get docstring definition from class before evaluating property (PyDev-412).

  • Internal error error when parsing file with wrong syntax: java.lang.ClassCastException for invalid dict (PyDev-411).

  • runfile was restored in pydevconsole (Ctrl+Alt+Enter is working again).

  • Variables and Expressions views working again when debugging interactive console (PyDev-446).

  • Pressing Shift to debug with Ctrl+F9 test runner now properly works in Linux (PyDev-444).

  • Fixed interpreter configuration when the interpreter prints something before actually running (PyDev-448).

  • Fixed NullPointerException when debugging file without extension.

Release 3.7.1

  • Fix in minimap which could deadlock in Linux (patch by Sergey Klyaus).

Release 3.7.0

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

  • Minimap

    • Minimap is enabled by default.
    • The minimap now shows content based on the outline.
    • It's possible to customize the minimap selection color.
    • Fixed issue where the background in the minimap could have a part with a different color until the image was fully redrawn.
    • Scrollbars hidden by default.
  • Editor

    • Auto code-completion on all letter chars is enabled by default.
  • Debugger

    • Merged debugger code with the PyCharm fork.
    • Fix the wrong signature of stackless.get_schedule_callback.
    • Breakpoints work in Django templates (requires the LiClipse html/django editor to work).
    • Gevent debugging (must be enabled in the debugger preferences page).
    • Faster debugging when dealing with huge dicts/sets/lists/tuples.
    • QThreads can be debugged (for remote debugging, 'import pydevd' must be done before any user code is executed for it to work).
  • Interactive Console

    • Output is gotten asynchronously.
    • It's possible to interrupt the console.
  • Others

    • Autopep8 now works with non ascii sources.
    • More than 20 levels of indentation no longer causes ArrayOutOfBoundsException.
    • Fixed some NullPointerExceptions.
    • A bunch of other bugfixes.

Release 3.6.0

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

  • Thank you for helping in the current crowdfunding:

  • pep8:

    • was upgraded to the latest version.
  • Code formatting:

    • can now be used to code-format Python files (must be enabled in the code formatter preferences -- use '-a -a' for really aggressive mode).
    • Moved auto-save from the code formatter page to the save actions page (and created links to each other).
    • Fixed issue where a space was placed before a unary operator on an empty line.
  • The internal Jython was upgraded to 2.7.beta2 (some manual shrinking was applied to make it smaller).

  • On a run as unit-test (Ctrl+F9), if Shift is pressed when doing the launch, the unit-test will be launched in debug mode.

  • Shift+F9 can now be used to launch the current editor in debug mode (so, no more running a module with F9 to run it again later on in debug mode with F11).

  • Issue where the modules manager would miss the bultin modules was fixed (i.e.: Ctrl+1 to fix 'sys' undefined variable will show the 'import sys' fix).

  • Fixed corner case where filtering global tokens could miss some entries.

  • Fixed issue where relative import with more levels would not be found (on dotted imports).

  • It's now possible to debug UTF-8 files with BOM on Python 3.

  • Code completion proposals order was tweaked so that locals/globals appear first.

  • Trailing commas are no longer left when auto-removing unused imports (if that option is enabled in the preferences).

  • The manual now has instructions on how to use the Find Referrers while debugging.

  • The PyDev editor supports the new dark theme in Eclipse 4.4 (so, when it's chosen the editor colors are properly updated).

  • Code analysis: when a package imports itself it's no longer warned as an import not found.

Release 3.5.0

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

  • Adding plead for the current crowdfunding at

  • PyDev now has a new logo.

  • py.test:

    • Improved py.test test runner preferences page.
    • py.test integration improved to be less intrusive and work with xdist.
    • py.test protocol invocation now allows for module/session scoped fixtures to work properly.
  • Add bookmark and add task actions are shown in the ruler context menu (Ctrl+F10).

  • Code completion was not properly recognizing variables assigned to self inside an elif statement.

  • Django 1.7: Model.objects is manually patched inside PyDev to give proper code-completion results.

  • Debugger: hovering over private ('__' prefixed) variables now shows proper value.

  • Thread.isAlive() is no longer called to workaround debugger issue on Python 3.4.

  • Hyperlinking should not happen on spacing characters (I.e.: Ctrl+click on spaces).

  • Fixed NPE when interpreter is created with JDT and loaded afterwards without it.

  • Fixed issue where tokens cached information could end up being null after I/O.

  • Manually creating new run configuration no longer gives an exception (i.e.: configuration without associated project).

  • Out-of-sync error on PYTHONPATH change (patch by Danny Yoo)

  • There's an extension point for clients to resolve modules (patch by Danny Yoo).

  • Ctrl+Shift+G (find references) is now properly categorized.

  • Rename refactoring now validates files (read only) prior to refactoring (patch by Danny Yoo).

  • Not checking preferred settings when the PyDev plugin is started, but rather when a PyDev editor is opened.

  • Setting remote debugger socket to be properly reused.

  • The PyDev stdout/stderr redirector now properly uses PYTHONIOENCODING.

Release 3.4.1

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

  • Interactive Console:

    • Send a single line to the interactive console with F2 (akin to Ctrl+Alt+Enter but only for the current line).
  • Debugger:

    • Added support for debugging spawned subprocesses.

      • New Django launches no longer have -noreload to take advantage of that (but existing launches have to be manually edited -- or removed and recreated).
    • When terminating a process its subprocesses are also killed (avoiding django zombie processes).

    • In the debugger, locals are now also properly saved on PyPy (requires a newer version of PyPy too).

    • Remote Debugger: when specifying items in PATHS_FROM_ECLIPSE_TO_PYTHON pathnames are normalized.

    • Fixes to work with Jython 2.1 and Jython 2.2.1

    • Always setting PYTHONUNBUFFERED environment variable to 1.

    • The python default encoding is no longer changed (only PYTHONIOENCODING is used now and not sys.setdefaultencoding).

    • Minor improvements on get referrers.

  • General:

    • Cython: .pxd and .pxi files are properly supported.
    • Interpreter configuration: It's possible to reorder PYTHONPATH entries with drag and drop.
    • Fixed django interactive shell to work with newer versions of Django.
    • Rename working properly for files without extensions.
    • Fixed issue where specifying the type of a variable with a comment was not detected in the code-completion.
    • Fixed issue where we'd open a file as if it was an external file when it was actually a file in the workspace or inside a source folder.
    • PyDev Package Explorer: fixed issue where some errors would remain showing when they didn't exist anymore.
    • PyDev Package Explorer: fixed issue where items could change its order depending on decorations.
    • On a double-click on spaces, all the spaces are selected.
  • Test Runner:

    • Improved py.test integration: it's now possible to select which tests to run with Ctrl+F9 (even if not under a class).
    • No longer breaks if a file which was in a launch config is removed (still runs other tests in the launch).
    • After a test run finishes, if there are non-daemon threads running they're printed to the output.
    • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError when running unit-tests under python 2.x
    • Fixed issue on test discovery on Linux.
  • Sorting Imports:

    • Sort of imports no longer adds spaces at end of imports.
    • Sort of imports no longer passes the number of available columns specified.
    • It's now also possible to keep the names of 'from' imports sorted.

Release 3.3.3

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

  • Code Completion:

    • Compiled modules are now indexed and shown in the context-insensitive code-completion.
    • In an empty file, a code-completion request will show options related to creating modules (press Ctrl+Space twice to show only those templates).
  • Performance:

    • Building (indexing) of Python files is much faster.
    • Code completion does not get slown down by other analysis done in the background due to shell synchronization.
  • Interactive Console:

    • The interactive console now has tab-completion (so, tab can be used to show completions such as in IPython).
  • Debugger:

    • Locals are now properly changed in the debugger -- along with set next statement and auto-reloading this can make a debug session much more enjoyable!

    • Added a way to skip functions on a step-in on functions with #@DontTrace comments:

      • Makes it possible to skip a lot of boilerplate code on a debug session!
      • Can be enabled/disabled in the debugger preferences;
      • Ctrl+1 in a line with a method shows option to add #@DontTrace comment (if enabled in the preferences).
    • Debugging Stackless is much improved, especially for versions of Stackless released from 2014 onwards (special thanks to Anselm Kruis who improved stackless itself for this integration to work properly).

    • Reload during a debug session is improved and more stable:

      • Only updates what it can in-place or adds new attributes;
      • Shows what's being patched in the console output;
      • New hooks are provided for clients which may want to extend the reload;
      • See: Auto Reload in Debugger for more details.
  • General:

    • Compiled modules are now indexed, so, fix import with Ctrl+1 now works with itertools, PyQt and other 'forced builtins'.
    • When diffing a Python file, the PyDev comparison (with proper syntax highlighting) is now the default.
    • When finding a definition in a .pyd file, if there's a related .pyx in the same location, it's opened.
    • Running unit-tests will not try to import files that are in folders that don't have an file.
    • Alt+Shift+O can be used to toggle mark occurrences.
    • Ctrl+3 not bound by default anymore on PyDev so that it does not conflict with the Eclipse Ctrl+3 (Ctrl+/ can be used instead).
    • Fixed recursion issue when finding file in pydev package explorer.
    • When configuring the interpreter, links are not followed when resolving entries for the PYTHONPATH.
    • It's possible to launch a directory containing a file executable.
    • Fixed issues when creating django project without any existing project in the workspace.
    • Fixed deadlock on code-completion.
    • __pycache__ folders are hidden by default.
  • Organize imports:

    • When saving a file, if automatically organizing imports, don't remove unused imports even if that option is checked.
    • When saving a file, if automatically organizing imports, and nothing changes, don't change the buffer (so, no undo command is created).
    • @NoMove can be used in an import so that the import organizer doesn't mess with it.
  • Refactoring:

    • Fixed error when moving resource in PYTHONPATH to a dir out of the PYTHONPATH.
    • On a search make sure we search only python files, not dlls (which could give OutOfMemory errors and make the search considerably slower).
    • Multiple fixes on the rename module refactoring.

Release 3.2.0

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x.

  • General:

    • Added option to sort imports on save.
    • Showing dialog suggesting user to customize settings in Eclipse which are more suitable for PyDev.
    • Memory improvements on situations where an OutOfMemoryError could happen.
    • Search references (Ctrl+Shift+G) when initial is on external works (for matches in workspace).
  • Rename refactoring:

    • Added option to rename module without updating references.
    • Bugfixes.
  • Performance:

    • Code completion: Builtins gotten from a shell are now cached for subsequent requests.
    • Doing a full build (reindex) is faster.
  • Debugger:

    • Improvements on stackless integration.
    • Providing a view which shows the current caught exception.
    • Providing way to ignore current caught exception.
    • Providing option to show progress on taskbar when breakpoint is hit to get the users attention (windows 7).
    • Fixed issue in while getting referrers when getting __dict__ and having an exception.

Release 3.1.0

  • Important: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x.

  • Refactoring:

    • It's now possible to rename a module (using F2 or drag and drop in the pydev package explorer).
    • Multiple improvements on the rename refactoring.
  • Debugger:

    • Automatic code reloading on the debugger (based on xreload).

    • Get referrers on debug

      • Right-click expression or variable in debugger and select 'Get Referrers'
      • Note: may not work on some Python variants as it needs access to the gc module.
    • Stackless python is now supported in the debugger, showing all the suspended tasklets in the stack view.

    • Automatically force focus to Eclipse on breakpoint hit (Enable in prefereces > pydev > debug).

    • The remote debugger can be left 'always on' (Enable in prefereces > pydev > debug).

    • If there's an exception while evaluating a conditional breakpoint the thread is suspended and the issue reported.

    • Option to skip caught exceptions thrown and handled in the same context.

    • A comment with @IgnoreException can be added to lines where an exception is thrown to have that exception ignored by the debugger when caught exceptions support is turned on.

    • Improved visualization of frame objects.

    • Bug-fixes on Jython debugging.

  • Unittest:

    • Django: The default PyDev unittest runner can now run Django tests properly
    • Selecting a unit-test method in the editor and right-click > run as unit-test will run only the selected unit-test.
    • Ctrl+F9 with test selected will pre-select only that test to run in unit-test.
  • General:

    • Improvements on search for references (Ctrl+Shift+G).
    • Fixed some racing conditions related to the plugin startup.
    • Organize imports has option to add from imports before other imports.
    • Improved connection to shell that does code-completion.
    • Properly supporting creation of shell inside a Jython VM in Eclipse.

Release 3.0

  • From now on, PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x.

  • Interpreter is now kept up to date with changes to the interpreter, so, pip-installing packages will automatically update internal caches without requiring a manual step.

  • Fixed issue connecting to shell for code-completion (which could halt the IDE).

  • Interactive Console (patches by Jonah Graham)

    • IPython 1.0 is now supported.
    • Computational Crystallography Toolbox (CCTBX: can now be used with PyDev.
    • Debug support in interactive console (must be enabled in preferences).
    • User Module Deleter (UMD): forcefully reloads user-loaded modules when using runfile on interactive console (must be enabled in preferences).
    • GUI event loop integration: more backends are now supported and can be configured in the preferences.
    • %gui provides customization for the gui event loop integration (i.e.: %gui wx enables wxPython integration).
    • %edit on IPython will open the file in the PyDev editor.
    • History of commands is now saved to a persistent file.
    • Loading of history is faster.
  • Interpreter configuration (patches by Andrew Ferrazzutti)

    • Interpreter configuration quick auto-config: automatically finds a Python installed and configures it.
    • Interpreter configuration advanced auto-config: searches for multiple Python installations in the computer and allows selecting one to configure.
    • Source folders (PYTHONPATH) are kept updated on renames and moves in the PyDev package explorer.
  • Grammar 3.x accepts u'str'.

  • Fixed project configuration ${PROJECT_DIR_NAME} variable to point to dir name inside Eclipse and not the folder name in filesystem (this could make PyDev miss folders in the project PYTHONPATH).

  • Debugger:

    • Breakpoints working on files with unicode chars.

    • patches by Jonah Graham:

      • Variables can be pretty-printed with right-click > pretty print.
      • Improved handling for numpy.ndarrays.
  • And as usual, many other bugfixes!

Release 2.8.2

  • The type inference engine now accepts comments in the format #@type a: str to get the type.

  • Interpreter configuration properly deals with characters with ampersand.

  • Interactive console can now work with PySide and wxPython to create widgets without blocking.

  • Debugger now working properly with Jython 2.1.

  • Markups in sphinx or epydoc format can now have a different color in docstrings.

  • Code-completion for the sphinx markup is provided in docstrings.

  • Fixed issue when resolving module names (which could make PyDev find modules as Lib.math instead of math if the interpreter folder was added to the PYTHONPATH and not only the Lib folder).

  • When configuring project source folders (PYTHONPATH), it's possible to make use of the PROJECT_DIR_NAME variable.

  • Patches by Trey Greer:

    • PyLint 1.0 is now properly supported.
  • Patches by Jonah Graham:

    • Fixed issue in interactive console interaction with XML-RPC.
    • Interactive console history is saved to persistent location.
    • It's possible to filter variables in the variables view menu (can be activated with Ctrl+F10 focusing the variables view > PyDev, select/deselect filters).
    • Eclipse variables are expanded in the initial interpreter commands for the interactive console.
    • An evaluate button (same as Ctrl+Alt+Enter) is now available in the toolbar.
  • Patches by by Anselm Kruis:

    • Fixed issues related to having the interpreter or workspace in locations with non-ascii characters.
  • Patches by Jeremy Carroll:

    • It's now possible to use PEP-8 style imports (default now, can be unconfigured at window > preferencs > pydev > editor > code style > imports).
    • It's possible to configure the organize imports to remove unused imports (must be enabled in window > preferencs > pydev > editor > code style > imports).
  • Patches by Andrew Ferrazzutti:

    • Better heuristics to discover file in workspace related to open files when debugging.
    • Improvements in the PyDev project configuration and wizard.
    • It's possible to mark/unmark folders as source folders with a right-click context menu.
    • Auto-Configuration of interpreter streamlined.
  • Patches by Andre Berg:

    • It's possible to have a change action which will keep a variable updated when file is changed (i.e.: __date__ = '2013-01-01' would be updated when file is saved to a new date).

Release 2.8.1

  • This release was done just to back-up the change related to Gtk event loop which had some issues, so, the UI event loop will only work with PyQt4 for now.

Release 2.8.0

  • Type Inference now works with docstrings (Sphinx or Epydoc). See: Type hinting with docstrings
  • Fixed debugger to work on Google App Engine
  • Patch by Edward Catmur
  • Interactive console supports running with the Qt and Gtk event loops
  • Patches by Andrew Ferrazzutti
  • Multiple main modules/packages may be selected in the unittest run configuration
  • Properly handling unittest errors caused by setUpClass/setUpModule exceptions
  • It's possible to select the Working Set configuration in the New PyDev Project wizard
  • Patches by Christoph Zwerschke
  • It's possible to specify PyLint settings per project by passing --rcfile=.pylintrc (it's now run relative to the project directory)
  • PyLint now accepts an executable so that it does not have to rely on the configured interpreter.
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryError when large file was found in the workspace.
  • Editor startup is now faster due to improvements in Jython scripts.
  • Improved the way that the interpreter location is shown on the pydev package explorer.
  • PyDev Package Explorer icon no longer missing when top level elements is set to Working Sets
  • Other minor bugfixes

Note: PyDev is now signed with a new (self-signed) certificate (see Install Instructions for the new certificate) .

Release 2.7.5

  • Icons in the outline are now correct.
  • Fixed deadlock found on code analysis.
  • Project-related error markers no longer created in the main thread.
  • Showing a dialog to select template when a new module is created.
  • PyUnit view output font uses the same font as the console
  • New option in auto-formatting to auto-format only workspace files.
  • Auto-formatting with only deleted lines no longer changes everything.
  • PyUnit view orientation menu is now properly shown.
  • Fixed interaction with external files on pydev package explorer.

Release 2.7.4

Release 2.7.2 (and 2.7.3)

  • Updated icons in PyDev to match better a dark theme.
  • Minor: improved colors in outline according to theme.
  • Improved minimap.
  • Fixed issue copying qualified name when editor is not in the PYTHONPATH.
  • Removed ping from PyDev.
  • Fixed issue on Ctrl+1 assist to ignore some warning.
  • Improved comment/uncomment to deal properly with pep8 formatting.
  • Added plead so that PyDev does not become unsupported (see
  • 2.7.3 fixes major regression regarding scrollbar.

Release 2.7.0 (and 2.7.1)

  • Code formatter:
  • Number of spaces before a comment can be configured (default: 2 spaces as pep-8 recommends)
  • Minimum number of spaces before start of comment may be configured (default: 1 space as pep-8 recommends)
  • Right trim lines now also properly trims comments.
  • When the auto-formatter is enabled, if syntax errors are present the code-formatting is not applied (it could end up getting things wrong in this situation).
  • Python 3.3 'yield from' syntax now properly supported.
  • Fixed issue when unable to get filesystem encoding when configuring interpreter.
  • Debugger: 'Enable Condition' checkbox in break properties dialog no longer ignored.
  • Fixed ClassCastException during parse in Python file with yield in global scope.
  • Fixed StackOverflowError in fast parser (i.e.: parser used to get only the outline of the code).
  • PyDev Mylyn integration can now be installed on Eclipse 4.2.
  • Fixed NPE when trying to add interpreter and it detected directory which we could not list() in Java.
  • Fixed cache issue in code-completion (nature.startRequests() could end up not having nature.endRequests() called).
  • Save a bit faster on big files (i.e.: No longer doing invalidateTextPresentation on each save).

Release 2.6.0

  • Interactive console:
  • It's now possible to use the interactive console attached to a debug session. (patch from Hussain Bohra)
    • To use this feature either right-click a frame in the debug view and choosing PyDev > Debug console or create a new Interactive console as usual (Ctrl+Alt+Enter and choose 'PyDev Debug Console' -- but note that this option will only be enabled when in a debug session with a selected frame in the Debug view.
  • Fixed issue where completions from the console did not work properly with '%' because quoting was not being properly done.
  • Fixed issue where the execfile() redefinition in the PyDev console did not use the proper globals
  • When launching interactive console, PYTHONPATH order is properly kept (patch from James Blackburn).
  • Fix pasting into the middle of the console (patch from James Blackburn).
  • For paste, only go to the end of the line if the cursor isn't in range (patch from James Blackburn).
  • PyUnit:
  • Improved preferences page configuration (links shown to add options).
  • Improved test discovery in PyDev PyUnit runner (exclude/include files/tests options added).
  • Jython:
  • print may be used in dotted names as Jython requires for grammars 2.4 and 2.5.
  • Others:
  • In a build, PyDev could end up reading the contents of files unrelated to Python.
  • Django project startup compatible with django 1.4.
  • Assignments to builtins when in the class-level no longer generate a warning.
  • Fixed issue starting new thread in the debugger (fix for paste/waitress).
  • Fixed error configuring interpreter if os.path was not present.
  • Fixed issue when configuring interpreter which has unicode characters in the PYTHONPATH.
  • When searching for external files, also take a look at the configured projects, as it may be that the file should actually be found in an external source folder.
  • Fixed issues getting marker on files with a dirty editor and where we could end up getting markers from other files.
  • The scripting output console is not shown unless there's actually some output to show.
  • A bunch of other minor fixes.

Release 2.5.0

  • Django:
  • Project wizard now properly supports Django 1.4.
  • Django with auto-reload:
  • pydevd.patch_django_autoreload() now properly patches Django 1.4 for the remote debugger.
  • pydevd.patch_django_autoreload() now patches the Django reload to show a console out of Eclipse so that Ctrl+C can be used.
  • Created code template to pydevd.patch_django_autoreload().
  • Interactive Console:
  • The interactive console may be attached to the variables view (patch from Jonah Graham).
  • Drag and Drop may be used to drag code from the editor to the interactive console (patch from Jonah Graham).
  • When starting an interactive console, a link to configure the preferences is shown in the dialog.
  • Code formatter:
  • Multi-lines may be right-trimmed (patch from Haw-Bin Chai) -- option must be enabled in the code-formatting settings.
  • Fixed issue where the auto code-formatting would end up formatting strings as regular code when the "format only changed lines" setting was on.
  • Others:
  • pydevd.settrace() template now adds the debugger to the PYTHONPATH before actually doing the settrace().
  • ${pydevd_file_location} and ${pydevd_dir_location} variables were added to the templates.
  • The style of generated docstrings (EpyDoc or Sphinx) may be chosen in the preferences (patch from Paul Collins).
  • Some performance improvements were done on the parser.

Aside from the features above, lots of bugs were fixed in this release (including a deadlock in a race condition).

Release 2.4.0

PyDev is now faster and uses less memory (many performance and memory improvements were done)!

The contents of the homepage are now migrated to a wiki at ... (later most of the homepage will become a mirror of the wiki).


  • Organize imports: Fixed issue where other statements in a commit line got lost (now such a line is ignored).
  • PyDev Package Explorer: closed project no longer remains with old icons.
  • Fixed deadlock when setting project as Django.
  • Fixed issue in code formatting *args on lambda statement.
  • TODO tags: only searched now in a string/comment partition.
  • Fixed issue when saving empty document (bad location on code-formatter).
  • Fixed issue removing comments from document.
  • Applied patch for internal Jython 2.2.1 to fix list.sort (
  • Fixed resolution of template variable prev_class_or_method and next_class_or_method.

Release 2.3.0

  • integrated (must be enabled in PyDev > Editor > Code Analysis >
  • Faster PyDev startup (internal Jython upgraded to version 2.2.1 -- and also optimized for PyDev).
  • Action to select/deselect scope (Shift+Alt+Up/Down).
  • Fix: cache issue where the PYTHONPATH in memory became different from the PYTHONPATH configured for a project.
  • Fix: OutOfMemoryError when dealing with PyOpenGL.
  • Fix: deadlock (could occur in a race condition when importing a project with an existing Python configuration).
  • Fix: code-completion integration issue with IPython 011 (patch from jonahkichwacoders).
  • Fix: annotation could remain in editor after removing a marker.
  • Fix: BadLocationException on extract local refactoring.

Release 2.2.4


  • Cython is now supported in PyDev (.pyx files may be opened with the PyDev editor).

Globals Token Browser (Ctrl+Shift+T)

  • Packages/Modules can now be reached through the globals browser (so, files can now be easily gotten through the package they represent)

Handling external files

  • External libraries configured in a project appearing in the PyDev Package Explorer
  • Show in > PyDev Package Explorer working for files that are under the interpreter or external libraries.
  • Show in > PyDev Package Explorer working for files inside .zip archives.
  • External files that were opened when Eclipse is closed are properly reopened.


  • New option in the code-formatter to only apply code-formatting on changed lines on save.
  • from __future__ import now properly appears as first even if grouping is enabled.
  • it's now possible to have a minimap of the code in the overview ruler (enable in preferences > PyDev > Editor > Overview Ruler Minimap).

Unittest runner

  • exc_clear() no longer called if it's not available.
  • Fixed issue where class tearDown was executed twice.


  • It's now possible to enable/disable stepping into properties while in the debugger. Menu: Run > Disable step into properties (patch by Hussain Bohra)
  • Show in outline view activated in debug perspective (patch by Hussain Bohra)
  • Watch expressions can be properly expanded in the watch view (patch by Hussain Bohra)
  • Breakpoints in external files are properly shown.
  • Remote debugger: starting the remote debugger no longer shows a launch configuration
  • Remote debugger: when the server is stopped, the server socket is properly closed


  • Fixed issue in rename (Alt+Shift+R) / find references (Ctrl+Shift+G) on top level module variables.
  • Fixed issue where create class/method/field action was not ok because of comment.
  • Fixed issue where doing create class/method/field action on file with tabs ended up adding spaces.

Release 2.2.3

  • Performance improvements
  • Major: Fixed critical issue when dealing with zip files.
  • Added option to create method whenever a field would be created in quick fixes (and vice-versa), to properly deal with functional programming styles.
  • Fixed issue where PyDev was changing the image from another plugin in the Project Explorer (i.e.: removing error decorations from JSP).
  • Fixed issue: if the django models was opened in PyDev, the 'objects' object was not found in the code analysis.
  • Test runner no longer leaves exception visible.
  • Fixed issue on Py3: Relative imports are only relative if they have a leading dot (otherwise it always goes to the absolute).
  • Default is now set to create project with the projects itself as the source folder.
  • Handling deletion of .class files.
  • Fixed issue where loading class InterpreterInfo in AdditionalSystemInterpreterInfo.getPersistingFolder ended up raising a BundleStatusException in the initialization.
  • Fixed some code formatting issues

Release 2.2.2

IPython / Interactive console

  • IPython (0.10 or 0.11) is now used as the interactive console backend if PyDev can detect it in the PYTHONPATH.
  • While waiting for the output of a command, intermediary results are printed in the console.
  • ANSI color codes are supported in the interactive console.

Code Analysis

  • Reporting variables that shadow builtins as warnings.
  • Fixed issue where __dict__ was not found.

Code completion

  • Aliases have a better treatment (i.e.: unittest.assertEqual will show the proper type/parameters).
  • Improved support for analyzing function builtins where the return type is known (i.e.: open, str.split, etc).


  • When doing a remote debug session, if the files cannot be found in the local filesystem, PyDev will ask for files in the remote debugger.


  • Files without extension that have a python shebang (e.g.: #!/usr/bin/python in the first line) are automatically opened with the PyDev editor (in the PyDev Package Explorer).


  • When the shell command is used in the django custom commands, PyDev no longer uses 100% cpu while it doesn't complete.


  • Fixed issue where the * operator was not properly formatted.
  • When the quick outline dialog is deactivated, it's closed.
  • Fixed heuristic for finding position for local import.
  • Fixed compare editor issue with Eclipse 3.2.
  • Fixed integration issue with latest PyLint.
  • Fixed deadlock issue on app engine manage window.
  • More options added to configure the automatic deletion of .pyc files (delete always, never delete, delete only on .py delete).

Release 2.2.1




  • Parent methods may be shown with a 2nd Ctrl+O.
  • The initial node is selected with the current location in the file.

Extract local refactoring



  • Option to replace duplicates.
  • Fixed issue where wrong grammar could be used.


  • Improved handling of Ctrl+Shift+T so that no keybinding conflict takes place (now it'll be only active on the PyDev views/editor).
  • PyLint markers always removed on a project clean.
  • If the standard library source files are not found, more options are presented.
  • If the completion popup is focused and shift is pressed on a context insensitive completion, a local import is done.
  • Fixed issue where a local import wasn't being added to the correct location.
  • Fixed error message in debugger when there was no caught/uncaught exception set in an empty workspace.
  • Performance improvements on hierarchy view.
  • Django commands may be deleted on dialog with backspace.

Release 2.2

Eclipse 3.7

  • Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) is now supported.

Break on Exceptions



  • It's now possible to break on caught exceptions in the debugger.
  • There's an UI to break on caught or uncaught exceptions (menu: Run > Manage Python Exception Breakpoints).

Hierarchy view



  • UI improved (now only uses SWT -- access through F4 with the cursor over a class).


  • PyDev now supports PyPy (can be configured as a regular Python interpreter).


  • Django configuration in project properties page (improved UI for configuration of the django and django settings module).
  • Improved support for debugging Django with autoreload. Details at: Django remote debugging with auto-reload.

Code analysis

  • Fixed issue where a resolution of a token did not properly consider a try..except ImportError (always went for the first match).
  • Fixed issue with relative import with wildcards.
  • Fixed issue with relative import with alias.
  • Fixed issue where binary files would be wrongly parsed (ended up generating errors in the error log).

Code completion

  • Improved sorting of proposals (__*__ come at last)


  • Improved ctrl+1 quick fix with local import.
  • Fixed issue running with py.test.
  • PyDev test runner working properly with unittest2.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with eclipse 3.2.
  • No longer sorting libraries when adding interpreter/added option to select all not in workspace.
  • Fixed deadlock in the debugger when dealing with multiple threads.
  • Fixed debugger issue (dictionary changing size during thread creation/removal on python 3.x).

Note: Java 1.4 is no longer supported (at least Java 5 is required now).

Release 2.1


Code Analysis

  • By default, only the currently opened editor will be analyzed (much shorter build times).
  • Added action to force the analysis on a given folder or file.
  • Showing error markers for PyDev elements in the tree.
  • New option to remove error markers when the editor is closed (default).


  • Override method completions (Ctrl+Space after a 'def ') .
  • Completions starting with '_' now have lower priority.
  • Fixed major issue when replacing markers which could make errors appear when they shouldn't appear anymore
  • Auto-linking on close parens is now optional (and disabled by default).

Code coverage

  • No longer looses the selection on a refresh.
  • Fixed issue where coverage was not working properly when running with multiple processes.
  • Added orientation options


  • Added feature to relaunch the last launch when file changes (with option to relaunch only errors).
  • setUpClass was not called when running with the pydev test runner
  • F12 makes the editor active even if there's a tooltip active in the PyUnit view.
  • The PyUnit tooltip is now properly restoring the focus of the previous active control.
  • Added orientation options


  • Upon starting up PyDev, the interpreter information is validated for changes.
  • Improved the django templates code-completion to better deal with the html/css counterparts.
  • When the interpreter is not configured, detect it and take the proper actions to ask the user to configure it.
  • No longer using as it's not available for older versions of Eclipse.
  • Fixed issue where references to modules could become obsolete in memory.
  • When a source folder is added/removed, the package explorer will properly update to remove/add errors.
  • Fixed issue where code-formatting could be really slow on unbalanced parenthesis on a big file.
  • Fixed error accessing __builtins__.__import__ when running in the debugger.
  • Fixed issue with wrong code-formatting with numbers.
  • The assist to create a docstring will remove the pass right after it (if there's one).
  • The path of the file that holds the preferences no longer has the same number of chars as the path for the interpreter.
  • Fixed some TDD actions
  • Fixed issue where project references were not being gotten recursively as they should.
  • Fixed dedent issues on else and elif.
  • Fixed issue with not showing the parent package name (when set in the preferences to do so).
  • sys._getframe shouldn't be needed when running unit-tests in IronPython.
  • Showing interpreter information when a given project is also a source folder.

Release 2.0

Major (see: video)

TDD actions on Ctrl+1

Improved code coverage support



  • It's possible to pin a test run and restore it later.
  • Errors that occur while importing modules are properly shown.
  • It's possible to override the test runner configurations for a given launch.
  • The Nose test runner works properly when there's an error in a fixture.


  • When there's some text selected and ' or " is entered, the content is converted to a string.
  • Handling literals with ui linking.
  • Creating ui link in the editor after entering (,[,{ when it is auto-closed.
  • On hover, when there's a name defined in another module, the statement containing the name is shown.
  • It's possible to launch an editor with a file not in the workspace (a project must be selected in this case)
  • If a line starts with __version__ no import is added above it.
  • When doing assign to attributes, if there's a pass in the line the assign will be added, it's removed.
  • When Ctrl+1 is used to add an import on an unresolved variable, if Ctrl is pressed on apply a local import is done.

Interactive console (options)

  • Focus on creation
  • When created the selection may be directly sent to the console

The DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment var is passed when making a launch.

The outline page now has a filter.

The input() method properly works in Python 3.2 (last "\r" no longer shown).

LOTS of other adjustments and bug fixes

Release 1.6.5

  • Syntax highlighting now has options to have {}, [] and () as well as operators in different colors

  • Code generation for classes and methods:

    Note that this is an initial implementation of the idea, aimed as those that use a TDD (Test Driven Development) approach, so, one can create the test first and generate the classes/methods later on from using shortcuts or quick-fixes (which is something that those using JDT -- Java Development Tools -- in Eclipse should be already familiar with). This feature should be already usable on a number of situations but it's still far from being 100% complete.

    • Alt+Shift+S C can be used to create a class for the currently selected token
    • Alt+Shift+S M can be used to create a method for the currently selected token
    • Ctrl+1 has as a quick fix for creating a class or method
  • Debugger

    • When discovering encoding on Python 3.x, the file is opened as binary
    • Remote debugger (pydevd.settrace()) properly synchronized
    • Fixed debugger issue on interpreter shutdown on Python 2.7
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed issue when doing code-completion on a line that started with some token that started with 'import'. e.g.: import_foo = a
    • Fixed import when running unittest with coverage
    • Fixed extract local (could extract to wrong location)
    • Fixed NPE when requesting print of arguments in the context-information tooltips
    • Fixed AttributeError with pydevconsole on Python 3.x

Release 1.6.4

  • Improved Unittest integration:

    • Created a PyUnit view (with a red/green bar) which can be used to see the results of tests and relaunching them
    • The default test runner now allows parallel execution (distributing tests by module or individually)
    • The nose and py.test test runners are also supported now
  • Major Bug Fixed: existing interpreters could be corrupted when adding a new one

  • Fixed AttributeError on console startup in Python 3.0

  • Added theming and automatic sash orientation to the PyDev code coverage view

  • Patch by frigo7: When creating a new remote debugger target, the terminated ones are removed

  • Patch by frigo7: compare editor properly showing the revision information and fixed broken shortcuts (e.g.: ctrl+z)

  • Read-only files no longer editable in PyDev actions

  • Fixed issue of remaining \r on python 3.0 on input()

  • The PyDev parser is now properly dealing with bom (utf-8)

  • Assign to local: if method starts with '_', the leading '_' is not added to the local

Release 1.6.3

  • Improved editor preferences page when using Aptana themes

  • Icons updated to work better with dark backgrounds

  • Handling code-completion for keywords (e.g.: a method definition with a parameter 'call' will have a 'call=' completion on the caller)

  • Showing a better tooltip for parameters

  • No longer marking the Django templates editor as the default editor for css nor html (it can be restored at window > preferences > general > editors > file associations)

  • Globals Browser

    • Improved message in globals browser to better explan its features:

      • Exact match with a whitespace in the end
      • CamelCase matching (so, entering only TC would be enough to find a class named TestCase)
      • Dotted names may be used to filter through the packages (so, dj.ut.TC would find a TestCase class defined in the django.utils package)
    • Fix: When a space is added in the end, an exact match is done

    • Fix: No longer restoring items that don't exist anymore

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue on dict and set comprehension code analysis
    • Syntax errors on hover in a debug session not shown
    • Block preferences page validation before save
    • Improved django wizard configuration a bit to cover cases where the user does not have django installed or tries to add 'django' as the project name
    • The example code in the PyDev editor preferences is no longer editable
    • 2to3 only added in the context menu of projects with the PyDev nature
    • If a debug session is terminated, no message saying that the variable can't be resolved in the hover is shown if the debug target is still selected
    • Fixed path issues in sqlite3 path in django project creation
    • Fixed issue where quotes could end up in the execfile when they should not be there
    • Fixed issue where shift right did not work properly because the indent prefixes were not properly set when the tab preference changed

Release 1.6.2

  • PyDev is now also distributed with Aptana Studio 3, so it can be gotten in a version that doesn't require installing it as a separate plugin. Get it at:

  • Django templates editor (requires Aptana Studio 3)

    • Supports HTML files with HTML, CSS and Javascript
    • Supports CSS files
    • Outline page
    • Code-completion for Django templates based on templates (window > preferences > PyDev > django templates editor > templates)
    • Code-completion for HTML, CSS and Javascript
    • Syntax highlighting based on the templates with the 'Django tags' context
    • Colors based on the Aptana themes
  • Python 2.7 grammar supported

  • Fixed indexing issue on contents getting getting stale in the cache

  • Fixed issue where the partitioning became wrong when entering a multiline string

  • Colors in the compare editor are now correct when using the Aptana themes

  • Extract method refactoring now works with "import" and "from ... import" inside a method

  • Source folders now appear before other folders

  • Fixed False positive on code analysis when using the property decorator

Release 1.6.1

  • Debugger

    • Critical Fix: issue that prevented the debugger from working with Python 3 solved
    • Improving socket connection handling
  • Launching

    • Restart last launch and terminate all launches actions created

      • Restart last: Ctrl+Shift+F9 (in PyDev editor)
      • Terminate all: Ctrl+Alt+F9 (in PyDev editor)
      • Buttons were also added to PyDev consoles
  • Utilities

    • 2to3: Right-clicking a folder or file will show an option in the PyDev menu to convert from python 2 to python 3 (note that lib2to3 must available in the python installation).
    • Defining execfile in a Python 3 interactive console so that Ctrl+Alt+Enter works.
    • Fixed issue in the code style preferences page (switched value shown).
    • com.ziclix.python.sql added to the forced builtins in a Jython install by default.
    • Improved some icons when on a dark theme (patch from Kenneth Belitzky)

Release 1.6.0

  • Debugger

    • Code-completion added to the debug console
    • Entries in the debug console are evaluated on a line-by-line basis (previously an empty line was needed)
    • Threads started with thread.start_new_thread are now properly traced in the debugger
    • Added method -- pydevd.set_pm_excepthook() -- which clients may use to debug uncaught exceptions
    • Printing exception when unable to connect in the debugger
  • General

    • Interactive console may be created using the eclipse vm (which may be used for experimenting with Eclipse)
    • Apply patch working (Fixed NPE when opening compare editor in a dialog)
    • Added compatibility to Aptana Studio 3 (Beta) -- release from July 12th

Release 1.5.9

  • Added compatibility to Aptana Studio 3 (Beta) -- release from June 24th

    • Fixed issues related to backward incompatible changes

Release 1.5.8

  • Features only available on Aptana Studio 3 (Beta) -- release from June 4th:

    • Theming support provided by Aptana Studio used
    • Find bar provided by Aptana used (instead of the default find/replace dialog)
    • Aptana App Explorer provides PyDev nodes
  • Eclipse:

    • Eclipse 3.6 is now supported
    • PyDev Jars are now signed
  • Django:

    • DoesNotExist and MultipleObjectsReturned recognized in Django
    • Added option to make the name of Django models,views,tests editors work as regular editors while still changing the icon
  • Run/Debug:

    • Ctrl+Shift+B properly working to toggle breakpoint
    • If file is not found in debugger, only warn once (and properly cache the return)
    • Run configuration menus: Only showing the ones that have an available interpreter configured
  • Outline/PyDev Package Explorer:

    • Fixed sorting issue in PyDev package explorer when comparing elements from the python model with elements from the eclipse resource model
    • Fixed issue when the 'go into' was used in the PyDev package explorer (refresh was not automatic)
    • Added decoration to class attributes
    • Added node identifying if __name__ == '__main__'
  • General:

    • Properly working with editor names when the path would be the same for different editors
    • Fixed issue where aptanavfs appeared in the title for aptana remote files
    • Fixed halting condition
    • Not always applying completion of dot in interactive console on context-insensitive completions
    • Home key properly handled in compare editor
    • Interactive console working with pickle
    • String substitution configuration in interpreter properly works
    • On import completions, full module names are not shown anymore, only the next submodule alternative

Release 1.5.7

  • Uniquely identifying editors:

  • Debugger:

    • CRITICAL: Fixed issue which could make the debugger skip breakpoints
    • Properly dealing with varibles that have '<' or '>'
    • Debugging file in python 3 with an encoding works
    • Double-clicking breakpoint opens file from the workspace instead of always forcing an external file
    • Added '* any file' option for file selection during a debug where the file is not found
  • Performance improvements for dealing with really large files:

    • Code folding marks won't be shown on really large files for performance reasons
    • Performance improvements in the code-analysis (much faster for really large files)
    • Outline tree is also faster
  • Interpreter configuration:

    • Only restoring the needed interpreter info (so, it's much faster to add a new interpreter)
    • Using an asynchronous progress monitor (which makes it even faster)
    • Interpreter location may not be duplicated (for cases where the same interpreter is used with a different config, virtualenv should be used)
    • Properly refreshing internal caches (which made a ctrl+2+kill or a restart of eclipse needed sometimes after configuring the interpreter)
    • socket added to forced builtins
  • Python 3 grammar:

    • Code completion and code-analysis work when dealing with keyword only parameters
    • Properly reporting syntax error instead of throwing a NumberFormatException on "1.0L"
  • Editor and forcing tabs:

    • Option to toggle forcing tabs added to the editor context menu
    • Fixed tabs issue which could change the global setting on force tabs
  • Indentation:

    • Added rule so that indentation stops at the level of the next line def or @ (to indent to add a decorator)
    • Auto indent strategy may indent based on next line if the previous is empty
  • General:

    • Django configuration supporting version 1.2 (contribution by Kenneth Belitzky)
    • Fixed encoding problem when pasting encoded text with indentation
    • asthelper.completions no longer created on current directory when project is removed
    • __all__ semantics correct when a tuple is defined (and not only when a list is defined)
    • Fixed issue in extract method (was not creating tuple on caller function with multiple returns)
    • Improved heuristic for assist assign (ctrl+1)
    • On search open files (ctrl+2+s), dialog is opened if nothing is entered and there's no editor selection
    • Fixed issue where ctrl+2 would not work on linux

Release 1.5.6

  • Django integration:

    • New Django project can be created through wizards
    • Can set an existing project as a Django project (right-click project > PyDev > set as django project)
    • Can remove Django project config (right-click project > django > remove django project config)
    • Custom actions can be passed to the configured through ctrl+2+dj django_action -- if no action is passed, will open dialog to choose from a list of previously used commands.
    • Predefined/custom actions can be used through right-clicking the project > django > select custom action
    • location and settings module configured
    • Django shell (with code-completion, history, etc) available
    • Run/Debug as Django available
    • See: Django Integration for more details
  • Find/Replace:

    • The search in open files is no longer added in the find/replace dialog and now works through Ctrl+2+s word_to_find (in the PyDev editor) and if no word is passed, the editor selection is used
  • Go to definiton:

    • Properly works with unsaved files (so, it will work when searching for a definition on an unsaved file)
    • Properly working with eclipse 3.6 (having FileStoreEditorInput as the editor input)
  • Editor:

    • Automatically closing literals.
    • Removing closing pair on backspace on literal
    • Improved heuristics for automatically closing (, [ and {
    • Removing closing pairs on backspace on (,[ and {
    • ctrl+2+sl (sl comes from 'split lines' -- can be used to add a new line after each comma in the selection
    • ctrl+2+is (is comes from 'import string' -- can be used to transform the selected import into a string with dots
  • General:

    • Code-completion properly working on relative import with an alias.
    • Fixed racing issue that could deadlock PyDev (under really hard to reproduce circumstances)
    • Removing reloading code while debugging until (if) it becomes more mature in the python side
    • Fixed issue where a new project created didn't have the source folder correctly set
    • Text selection in double click no longer has weird behavior
    • Local refactoring working on files not in the PYTHONPATH
    • Edit properly working on string substitution variables
    • Using with statement on python 2.5 no longer makes lines wrong in the AST

Release 1.5.5

  • Predefined completions available for code completion:

    • Predefined completions may be created for use when sources are not available
    • Can also be used for providing better completions for compiled modules (e.g.: PyQt, wx, etc.)
    • Defined in .pypredef files (which are plain Python code)
    • Provides a way for generating those from a QScintilla .api file (experimental)
    • See Predefined Completions in manual for more info
  • PyDev Package Explorer:

    • Showing the contents of the PYTHONPATH from the interpreter for each project
    • Shows the folder containing the python interpreter executable (to browse for docs, scripts, etc)
    • Allows opening files in the interpreter PYTHONPATH (even inside zip files)
  • Editor options:

    • Find/replace dialog has option to search in currently opened editors
    • Move line up/down can move considering Python indentation (not default)
    • Simple token completions can have a space or a space and colon added when applied. E.g.: print, if, etc (not default)
  • Refactoring:

    • Fixed InvalidThreadAccess on refactoring
    • Fixed problem doing refactoring on external files (no file was found)
  • Globals Browser (Ctrl+Shift+T):

    • No longer throwing NullPointerException when the interpreter is no longer available for a previously found token
  • General:

    • When creating a new PyDev project, the user will be asked before changing to the PyDev perspective
    • Only files under source folders are analyzed (files in the external source folders would be analyzed if they happened to be in the Eclipse workspace)
    • Interactive console now works properly on non-english systems
    • Hover working over tokens from compiled modules (e.g.: file, file.readlines)
    • JYTHONPATH environment variable is set on Jython (previously only the PYTHONPATH was set)
    • Fixed path translation issues when using remote debugger
    • Fixed issue finding definition for a method of a locally created token

Release 1.5.4

  • Actions:
    • Go to matching bracket (Ctrl + Shift + P)
    • Copy the qualified name of the current context to the clipboard.
    • Ctrl + Shift + T keybinding is resolved to show globals in any context (note: a conflict may occur if JDT is present -- it can be fixed at the keys preferences if wanted).
    • Ctrl + 2 shows a dialog with the list of available options.
    • Wrap paragraph is available in the source menu.
    • Globals browser will start with the current word if no selection is available (if possible).
  • Templates:
    • Scripting engine can be used to add template variables to PyDev.
    • New template variables for next, previous class or method, current module, etc.
    • New templates for super and super_raw.
    • print is now aware of Python 3.x or 2.x
  • Code analysis and code completion:
    • Fixed problem when getting builtins with multiple Python interpreters configured.
    • If there's a hasattr(obj, 'attr), 'attr' will be considered in the code completion and code analysis.
    • Fixed issue where analysis was only done once when set to only analyze open editor.
    • Proper namespace leakage semantic in list comprehension.
    • Better calltips in IronPython.
    • Support for code-completion in Mac OS (interpreter was crashing if _CF was not imported in the main thread).
  • Grammar:
    • Fixed issues with 'with' being used as name or keyword in 2.5.
    • Fixed error when using nested list comprehension.
    • Proper 'as' and 'with' handling in 2.4 and 2.5.
    • 'with' statement accepts multiple items in python 3.0.
  • Improved hover:
    • Showing the actual contents of method or class when hovering.
    • Link to the definition of the token being hovered (if class or method).
  • Others:
    • Completions for [{( are no longer duplicated when on block mode.
    • String substitution can now be configured in the interpreter.
    • Fixed synchronization issue that could make PyDev halt.
    • Fixed problem when editing with collapsed code.
    • Import wasn't found for auto-import location if it import started with 'import' (worked with 'from')
    • Fixed interactive console problem with help() function in Python 3.1
    • NullPointerException fix in compare editor.

Release 1.5.3

Fixed bug where an error was being print to the PyDev console on a run.

Release 1.5.2

Profile to have much lower memory requirements (especially on code-analysis rebuilds)

Profile for parsing to be faster

Compare Editor

  • Syntax highlighting integrated
  • Editions use the PyDev editor behaviour
  • Code completion works

Fixed issue where PyDev could deadlock

No longer reporting import redefinitions and unused variables for the initial parts of imports such as import os.path

Fixed issue where PyDev was removing __classpath__ from the pythonpath in jython

Using M1, M2 and M3 for keys instead of hardcoding Ctrl, Shift and Alt (which should make keybindings right on Mac OS)

Fixed some menus and popups

Properly categorizing PyDev views

Handling binary numbers in the python 2.6 and 3.0 grammar

from __future__ import print_function works on python 2.6

Added drag support from the PyDev package explorer

Properly translating slashes on client/server debug

Other minor fixes

Release 1.5.1

  • Improvements in the AST rewriter
  • Improvements on the refactoring engine:
    • No longer using BRM
    • Merged with the latest PEPTIC
    • Inline local available
    • Extract method bug-fixes
    • Extract local on multi-line
    • Generating properties using coding style defined in preferences
    • Add after current method option added to extract method
    • A bunch of other corner-case situations were fixed
  • Bug-fixes:
    • Minor editor improvements
    • Adding default forced builtins on all platforms (e.g.: time, math, etc) which wouldn't be on sys.builtin_module_names on some python installations
    • Adding 'numpy' and 'Image' to the forced builtins always
    • Ctrl+1: Generate docstring minor fixes
    • Ctrl+1: Assign to local now follows coding style preferences properly
    • Exponential with uppercase E working on code-formatting
    • When a set/get method is found in code-completion for a java class an NPE is no longer thrown
    • Backspace properly treated in block mode
    • Setting IRONPYTHONPATH when dealing with IronPython (projects could not be referenced)
    • No longer giving spurious 'statement has no effect' inside of lambda and decorators
    • Fixed new exec in python 3k
    • Fixed NPE when breakpoint is related to a resource in a removed project
    • Fixed import problem on regexp that could lead to a recursion.
    • No longer giving NPE when debugging with the register view open
    • List access be treated as __getitem__() in the list -- patch from Tassilo Barth
    • Fix for invalid auto-self added when typing

Release 1.5.0

PyDev Extensions is now Open Source!

Release: 1.4.8

This was the last version where PyDev and PyDev extensions were not merged.

  • Debugger can jump to line
  • Reloading module when code changes in the editor if inside debug session
  • Usability improvement on the preferences pages (editor, code-formatter, comment block and code-style showing examples)
  • Pythonpath reported in the main tab was not correct for ironpython launch configs
  • Main module tab in launch configuration was not appearing for jython
  • Multiline block comments considering the current indentation (and working with tabs)
  • Hover works correctly when the document is changed
  • The interactive console no longer uses the UI thread (so, it doesn't make eclipse halt anymore on slow requests to the shell)
  • The interactive console save history now saves the contents in the same way they're written
  • When creating a python run, the classpath was being set (and overridden), which should only happen in jython runs
  • Fixed issue where a line with only tabs and a close parenthesis would have additional tabs entered on code-formatting
  • A PyDev (Jython) project can coexist with a JDT project (and properly use its info -- only project references worked previously)
  • Many small usability improvements (editors improved)
  • Verbosity option added to run as unit-test
  • No longer using respectJavaAccessibility=False for jython
  • When there are too many items to show in the debugger, handle it gracefully

Release: 1.4.7

IronPython (2.6 and newer) support

Fixed issue when configuring interpreter on Eclipse 3.3 and 3.2 (was using API only available in 3.4)

Google App Engine

  • Popup menus for google app engine are now working with eclipse 3.2
  • Fixed issues when google app engine project has spaces in path


  • Ctrl+F9 can be used to run as unit-test and select which tests will be run
  • F9 will now run the current editor based on the project type
  • Changed run icons
  • Run configurations can be created for the project
  • Run as unit-test can have --filter and --tests as a parameter set in the run configuration

Shift left can now shift even when there are less chars than the required indent string

Top-level modules on .egg files are now properly recognized

Auto-config fixed

Fixed problem when .pydevproject was not a parseable xml file (the PyDev package explorer wouldn't work because of that)

When a new interpreter is created, it's properly selected in the tree

Code-completion better heuristic when analyzing function return that's called on self.

Code-completion in the interactive console now handles import sections correctly

Code formatter: Spaces after square and curly braces are no longer changed when an unary operator is found afterwards

Fixed problem when recognizing encodings (regexp was not correct)

Release: 1.4.6

Google App Engine: customized setup and management of Google App Engine projects

String substitution variables can be used for pythonpath and launch config.

The interpreter can be referred from a user-editable name

Submodules shown on import completion (e.g.: from x|<-- request completion here will show xml, xml.dom, xml.etree, etc)

os.path added to default forced builtins

Showing better errors when code-completion fails

Fixed problem finding definition for java class when the constructor was referenced.

Fixed recursion error on Python 3.0 grammar

Jython debugger - local variables are properly updated

Multiple forced builtins can be added/removed at once

Python 2.6 grammar: kwarg after unpacking arg list

Python 3.0 grammar: star expr on for

Fixed problem on code-completion when file is not in the workspace (SystemASTManager cannot be cast to ASTManager)

Not throwing IllegalCharsetNameEx on illegal encoding declaration anymore (patch by Radim Kubacki)

__future__ imports are always added/reorganized as the 1st import in the module

Code-completion in Jython recognizes that a method get/setName should be available as a 'name' property.

Finding 'objects' for django

PyDev Package Explorer

  • Added filter for the python nodes
  • Showing configuration errors
  • Showing the interpreter info

Release: 1.4.5

Better error handling in the grammar

Code Formatter

  • Can be applied from context menu (recursively applied for folders)
  • Can trim whitespaces from the end of the lines
  • Can add new a line to the end of the file
  • Can automatically apply code-formatting on save
  • Fixed issues with unary operators and exponential
  • Fixed issues where parenthesis was lost if no closing parenthesis was available

Python 3.0

  • Parser supporting unicode identifiers
  • Star expr recognized

Python 3.1 version acknowledged (and proper grammar used)

PyDev package explorer

  • Can show working sets as top-level elements
  • Folders without are no longer shown as packages

Interactive console

  • When waiting for user input, the prompt is not shown
  • Console initial commands compatible with Python 3.0
  • Timeout for starting console communication while the shell is not fully initilized
  • More info is available if connection fails

Alt+R working (mnemonics set for PyDev contributed menus)

With Ctrl+2, matches will no longer take into acount the case

Code completion: Can get args from docstring when '*' is present.

Better heuristics for automatic insertion of "self" and "import"

Fixed problem configuring external jars and zip files

Launch getting interpreter from project on default config

After a parenthesis, 'n' indentation levels may be applied (patch by Radim Kubacki)

.pyc files are now marked as derived (note that this will only happen when they're changed)

Fixed debugger issue with Jython 2.5b3

Jython: completions working for static members access

Hover works on Eclipse 3.2

Release: 1.4.4

Release: 1.4.3

Interactive console The interpreter to be used can be chosen

New modules can be created from templates

Interpreter configuration improved!

  • Environment variables can be specified for a given interpreter
  • Canceling operation now works correctly


  • Variables correctly gotten on Jython 2.1 / 2.2
  • Using globals as an union of original globals+locals so that generator expressions can be evaluated
  • Breakpoints only opened on double-click (no longer on select)

The project preferences are now applied even if the page to configure the project is not visible.

Jython 2.5b1 working (problem with sitecustomize)

Wrap paragraph fixed

Set comprehension working on Python 3.0 parsing

Find definition working when a module outside of the known pythonpath is found

Source folders were not properly found sometimes -- when workspace was not properly refreshed

Invalid modules could get in the memory

Getting the grammar version for a project could be wrong (and could loose its indexing at that time)

Multiple external zip files can be added at once to the pythonpath

nonlocal added to keywords

Fixed annoying problem where cursor was jumping when it shouldn't (outline)

Fixed problem where the breakpoint could be lost (now, playing safe and matching anything in the file if the context cannot be gotten)

Ctrl + 2 + --reindex can be used to reindex all the opened projects if the indexing becomes corrupt

Changing nothing on project config and pressing OK no longer reanalyzes the modules

Release: 1.4.1

Interpreter can be configured on a per-project basis

Jython 2.5b0 properly supported

Find definition working for Jython builtins

Run: can be python/jython even if it doesn't match the interpreter configured for the project

Fixed problem on find definition if one of the interpreters was not configured

Fixed halting condition that could occur on code-completion

__file__ available in code-completion

Reorganized preferences (removed editor preferences from the root)

Preferences for showing hover info

Fixed problem when formatting binary operator that was in a new line

When converting spaces to tabs (and vice-versa), the number of spaces for each tab is asked


  • When finishing the user code debugging, it doesn't step into the debugger code anymore
  • Fixes for working with Jython
  • Fix for Python 3.0 integration (could not resolve variables)

New on: 1.4

  • Python 3.0 supported
  • Python 2.6 supported
  • Find Definition: The context-sensitive code to find a definition from PyDev Extensions is now available (and used) in the open source version
  • Hover: Showing docstring on hover (currently only available for files that are not analyzed as builtins)
  • Hover: Showing variables on hover while debugging
  • Parser: One thread could corrupt the parse of another one (because of some static variables)
  • Parser: Major refactoring which also made the parser faster
  • Task tags: The task tags that are created by the user are no longer removed
  • Code formatter unary operators don't have a space added

New on: 1.3.24

  • Code-completion: when a relative import was used from __init__ and the imported module used a token from the __init__ in a 'full' way, PyDev did not recognize it
  • Debugger: Fixed debugger halting problem
  • Debugger and Jython: Debugger working with Jython (itertools and pid not available)

New on: 1.3.23

  • Can cancel scanning of files (Radim Kubacki)
  • Detection of symlink cycles inside of the pythonpath structure (could enter in a loop) (Radim Kubacki)
  • Removed log message if log is not enabled
  • .pyc remover not giving error anymore
  • Fixed code-completion bug when importing token with the same name of module where it's declared (datetime.datetime)
  • Assign with tuple not being correctly handled in the type-inference engine
  • Nature no longer initialized by shutdown
  • Code-completion works when inner method is declared without self
  • __all__: when imported no longer filters out the builtins from the current module on a wild import
  • Fixed problem in update site and Eclipse 3.4 (after installed could prevent other plugins from being installed -- compatibility problem on eclipse 3.4 and old versions of PyDev)

New on: 1.3.22

  • Debugger: Pythonpath is the same in debug and regular modes (sys.path[0] is the same directory as the file run)
  • Debugger: Choices for paths not found are persisted
  • Code-completion: If __all__ is defined with runtime elements (and not only in a single assign statement), it's ignored for code-completion purposes
  • Code-completion: Works on case where imported module has same name of builtin
  • Editor: Cursor settings no longer overridden
  • Interpreter config: "email" automatically added to the "forced builtins"
  • Parser: Correctly recognizing absolute import with 3 or more levels
  • Syntax check: Option analyze only active editor (window > preferences > PyDev > builders)
  • getpass.getpass: No longer halts when run from PyDev (but will show the password being written)
  • Remove error markers: Context menu in folders to remove error markers created

New on: 1.3.21

  • Internal release

New on: 1.3.20

  • PyDev Package Explorer: Editor-link does not remove focus from current editor if it's already a match (bug when compare editor was opened)
  • PyDev debugger: Showing set and frozenset contents
  • PyDev debugger: Watch working in eclipse 3.4
  • PyDev debugger: Breakpoint properties accept new lines and tabs
  • PyDev debugger: Workaround for python bug when filenames don't have absolute paths correctly generated
  • PyDev code-completion: Wild import will only show tokens defined in __all__ (if it's available)
  • Interactive console: Fixed problem when more attempts to connect were needed
  • Interactive console: Fixed console integration problem with other plugins because of interfaces not properly implemented
  • Incremental find: Backspace works correctly
  • Launch icons: Transparent background (thanks to Radim Kubacki)
  • Code Formatter: Exponentials handled correctly
  • Launching: Unit-test and code-coverage may launch multiple folders/files at once
  • Code coverage: Number format exception no longer given when trying to show lines not executed in the editor and all lines are executed
  • Auto-indent: Fixed issue when using tabs which could result in spaces being added

New on: 1.3.19

  • Eclipse 3.2: Interactive console working
  • Eclipse 3.4: Hyperlinks working
  • Eclipse 3.4: Move / rename working
  • raw_input() and input(): functions are now changed when a program is launched from eclipse to consider a trailing '\r'
  • Ctr+/: Changed to toggle comment (instead of only comment) -- patch from Christoph Pickl
  • PyDev package explorer: Link working with compare editor
  • Auto-indent: Fixed problem when smart indent was turned off
  • Debugger: Better inspection of internal variables for dict, list, tuple, set and frozenset
  • Console: When a parenthesis is entered, the text to the end of the line is no longer deleted
  • Code Formatter: can deal with operators (+, -, *, etc)
  • Code Formatter: can handle '=' differently inside function calls / keyword args
  • Problem while navigating PyDev package explorer fixed
  • Race condition fixed in PythonNatureStore/PythonNature (thanks to Radim Kubacki)
  • Halt fixed while having multiple editors with the same file (with the spell service on)
  • Pythonpath is no longer lost on closed/imported projects
  • Applying a template uses the correct line delimiter
  • NPE fixed when creating editor with no interpreter configured
  • Hyperlink works in the same way that F3 (saves file before search)

New on: 1.3.18

  • Executing external programs: Using Runtime.exec(String[] cmdargs) instead of a string with the generated command (fixes problems regarding having spaces in the installation).
  • Organize Imports (ctrl+shift+O): Imports can be grouped.
  • Cygwin: sys.executable in cygwin was not returning '.exe' in the end of the executable as it should.
  • Additional paths for PYTHONPATH (Patch from Eric Wittmann): extension point allows plugins to contribute paths to the PYTHONPATH.
  • Code-completion: typing '.' won't apply the selected completion, but will still request a new one with the current contents.
  • PyDev Package Explorer: Problem while trying to show active editor on the PyDev package explorer.

New on: 1.3.17

PyDev Package Explorer: projects that had the project folder in the pythonpath did not show children items correctly.

Debugger: Disable all works. Patch from: Oldrich Jedlicka

Debugger: Problem when making a step return / step over

Code-completion: Working for attributes found in a superclass imported with a relative import

Patches from Felix Schwarz:

  • Allow to configure an interpreter even if the workspace path name contains spaces
  • Completion server does not work when the eclipse directory contains spaces
  • Fix deletion of resources in PyDev package explorer for Eclipse 3.4

New on: 1.3.16

  • Interactive console: help() works
  • Interactive console: context information showing in completions
  • Interactive console: backspace will also delete the selected text
  • Interactive console: ESC does not close the console when in floating mode anymore
  • Code completion: calltips context info correctly made 'bold'
  • Code completion: variables starting with '_' do not come in import *
  • Code completion: can be requested for external files (containing system info)
  • Code completion: fixed recursion condition
  • Code completion: egg file distributed with dll that has a source module with the same name only with a __bootstrap__ method now loads the dll instead of the source module (e.g.: numpy egg)
  • Debugger: Step over/Step return can now execute with untraced frames (much faster)
  • Debugger: Problem when handling thread that had no context traced and was directly removed.
  • Launching: F9 will reuse an existing launch instead of creating a new one every time
  • Launching: The default launch with Ctrl+F11 will not ask again for the launch associated with a file (for new launches -- old launches should be deleted)
  • Project Explorer: fixed integration problems with CDT (and others)
  • Launch: console encoding passed as environment variable (no longer written to the install location)
  • More templates for "surround with" (Ctrl+1)
  • Previous/next method could match 'class' and 'def' on invalid location
  • Outline: Assign with multiple targets is recognized
  • Bug fix for PyDev package explorer when refreshed element parent was null

New on: 1.3.15

Files without extension: If a file that does not have an extension is found in the root of the pythonpath, code-completion and breakpoints work with it.

Extract method: comma not removed when found after a tuple and before a keyword argument.

Console Encoding: print u"\xF6" works (console encoding correctly customized in python -- see for details).

Debugger: Context of breakpoint correctly defined when comments are present in the end of the module.

from __future__ import (xxx, with_statement): works.

Interactive Console View, featuring:

Code Completion

  • Context sensitive with shell completions
  • Qualifier matches as case insensitive
  • Templates
  • Repeating the activation changes from templates to default completions

Console Configurations

  • Initial commands for starting the console
  • Colors for the console
  • Vmargs can be specified for jython



Context info on hover

Up / Down Arrows cycles through the history (and uses the current text to match for the start of the history command)

Page Up: shows dialog with console history (where lines to be re-executed can be selected)

Esc: clears current line

ctrl+1 works for assign quick-assist

Hyperlinks addedd to tracebacks in the console

Paste added directly to the command line

Cut will only cut from the command line

Copy does not get the prompt chars

Home goes to: first text char / prompt end / line start (and cycles again)

Cursor automatically moved to command line on key events

Multiple views of the same console can be created

Limitation: Output is not asynchonous (stdout and stderr are only shown after a new command is sent to the console)

New on: 1.3.14

  • Outline view: patch by Laurent Dore: better icons for different types of fields methods.
  • Outline view: patch by Laurent Dore: more filters.
  • PyLint: working dir is the directory of the analyzed file.
  • Project explorer: fixed bug on integration with Dynamic Web Project.
  • Extract method: fixed bug when trying to refactor structure: a = b = xxx.
  • Generate constructor using fields: working for classes that derive from builtin classes.
  • Override methods: working for classes that derive from builtin classes.
  • Debugger can use psyco for speedups: see
  • Debugger: shows parent frame when stepping in a return event.
  • Go to previous/next method: (Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down): does not rely on having a correct parse anymore.
  • Auto-formatting: No space after comma if next char is new line.
  • Code Completion: Handling completions from attribute access in classes (accessed from outside of the class).
  • Auto-indent: Better handling when indenting to next tab position within the code.
  • Caches: Some places were recreating the cache used during a completion request instead of using the available one (which could have a memory impact on some situations).

New on: 1.3.13

  • Outline view: working correctly again.
  • Keybinding conflict: Alt+shift+T+XXX refactoring keybindings are now only defined in the PyDev scope.
  • Hyperlink: Using new hyperlink mechanism (added at Eclipse 3.3).

New on: 1.3.12

New on: 1.3.11

  • Jython Integration: Java modules may be referenced from PyDev projects (working with code-completion, go to definition, etc).
  • Jython Debugger: Does not attempt to run untraced threads if version <= 2.2.1 (this was a Jython bug that's patched for the current trunk -- note: it prevented the debugger from working correctly with Jython).
  • Project build: Only referenced projects are rebuilt (and not all projects in the workspace -- e.g.: unreferenced c++ projects).
  • Spell checking (depends on JDT): Integrated for comments and strings within PyDev (eclipse 3.4 should add the support for working without JDT. Reference:
  • Files without extension: A file without extension can have code-completion / go to definition (as long as the others around it do have extensions)
  • Debug: Variable substitution is no longer asked twice in debug mode.
  • Custom Filters: User-defined filters can be specified in the PyDev package explorer.
  • Debugger: performance improvements to get the existing frames for Python 2.4 and Jython 2.1.
  • Outline view: Better refresh (doesn't collapse the tree for simple structure changes).
  • Undo limit: The undo limit set in window > preferences > general > editors > text editors works for PyDev.
  • Editor: Tabs as spaces: The newly added 'insert spaces for tabs' in the general preferences was conflicting with PyDev (those settings are now ignored)
  • Patch by Laurent Dore: Added filter for *.py~ and comments
  • Delete *.pyc action: also deletes *.pyo files
  • Ctrl+Click: behaves exactly as F3.
  • Dedent: No auto-dedent after yield

New on: 1.3.10

  • Symlinks supported in the system pythonpath configuration.
  • Egg/zip files are now supported.
  • The creation of a project in a non-default location is now allowed within the workspace
  • JDT used to get completions from jars (but referencing other java projects is still not supported).
  • Configuration of pythonpath allows multiple selection for removal.
  • Configuration of pythonpath allows multiple jars/zips to be added at once.
  • When configuring the pythonpath, the paths are sorted for selection.
  • The file extensions that PyDev recognizes for python can now be customized.
  • Patch by Carl Robinson: Code-folding for elements such as for, try, while, etc.
  • Removed the go to next/previous problem annotation (Eclipse 3.3 already provides a default implementation for it).

New on: 1.3.9

  • Fixed problem when configuring jython
  • Patch from paulj: debbugger working with jython 2.2rc2
  • Patch from Oskar Heck: debbugger can change globals
  • Added action to delete all .pyc / $py.class files
  • Added actions to add/remove the PyDev configuration from a project (previously, the only way to add a nature was to open a python file within a project).
  • Ctrl+Shift+O: When used with a selection will consider lines ending with \ (without selection organizes imports)
  • Auto-add "import" string will not be added when adding a space in the case: from xxximport (just after from xxx)
  • Templates created with tabs (or spaces indent) are now converted to the indent being used in the editor
  • Hide non-PyDev projects filter working
  • Don't show assignments/imports after if __name__ == '__main__': in outline
  • Code-completion: after a completion is requested, pressing '.' will apply that completion (and if it has parameters, they'll not be added).
  • Code-completion: when a code-completion is applied with Ctrl pressed (toggle mode), parameters are not added.
  • Assign to local variable/attribute handles constants correctly.
  • psyco changed for Null object for debug (so, no changes are required to the code if psyco is used while debugging).
  • Code-folding annotations won't change places.
  • PyDev package explorer will correctly show outline for files if the project root is set as a source folder.
  • PyDev package explorer: folders under the pythonpath have a package icon.
  • Unittest runner: handles multiple selection.

New on: 1.3.8

  • Fixed problems related to the PyDev package explorer that appeared when using java 1.6 (ConcurrentModificationException)
  • Other minor bug-fixes

New on: 1.3.7

Support for Eclipse 3.3

Bug Fix: Interpreter modules not correctly set/persisted after specifying interpreter (so, the builtins and other system libraries would not be available in completions).

Mylyn integration.

Open With PyDev: does not appear for containers anymore.


The folowing cases are now considered in code-completion to discover the type of a variable:

  • assert isinstance(obj, Interface) -- default from python
  • assert Interface.implementedBy(obj) -- zope
  • assert IsImplementation(obj, Interface) -- custom request
  • assert IsInterfaceDeclared(obj, Interface) -- custom request
  • a = adapt(obj, Interface) -- pyprotocols
  • a = obj.GetAdapter(Interface) -- custom request
  • a = obj.get_adapter(Interface) -- custom request
  • a = GetSingleton(Interface) -- custom request
  • a = GetImplementation(Interface) -- custom request

New on: 1.3.6

  • Bug Fix: Builtins were not correctly used after specifying interpreter (so, the builtins would not be available in completions/code-analysis).
  • Patch (from Carl Robinson): PyLint severities can now be specified.

New on: 1.3.5

Eclipse 3.3 Integration: Does not keep eclipse from a correct shutdown anymore.

Docstrings and code completion pop-up:

  • The docstrings are now wrapped to the size of the pop-up window.
  • The initial columns with whitespaces that are common for all the docstring is now removed.
  • The previous size of the pop-up window in completions is now restored.

Extract method refactoring: was not adding 'if' statement correctly on a specific case.

Organize imports: (Ctrl+Shift+O): comments are not erased in import lines when using it anymore.

Interpreter Config: solved a concurrency issue (which could issue an exception when configuring the interpreter).

Jython integration: can now work with a j9 vm.

Jython integration: those that don't use jython can now use eclipse without JDT (but it's still required for jython development).


  • The comments are now set in the correct level (below module, class or method).
  • Comments are sorted by their position even when alphabetic sorting is in place.
  • Comments are added to the outline if they start or end with '---'.

New on: 1.3.4

  • Debugger: Breakpoints working correctly on external files opened with 'File > Open File...'.
  • Debugger: Python 2.5 accepts breakpoints in the module level.
  • Debugger: Unicode variables can be shown in the variables view.
  • Editor: Coding try..except / try..finally auto-dedents.
  • Code Completion: __builtins__ considered a valid completion
  • PyDev Package Explorer: Opens files with correct editor (the PyDev editor was forced).

New on: 1.3.3

  • Performance: Optimizations in the code-completion structure.
  • Debugger: Performance improvements (it will only actually trace contexts that have breakpoints -- it was doing that in a module context before).
  • Debugger: Step over correctly stops at the previous context.
  • Debugger: Breakpoint labels correct when class/function name changes.
  • Quick-Fix: Move import to global scope would not be correct if the last line was a multi-line import.
  • Outline: Syntax errors will show in the outline.
  • Outline: Selection on import nodes is now correct.
  • Outline: Link with editor created.
  • Outline: Show in outline added to the PyDev perspective.
  • Find Previous Problem: action created (Ctrl+Shift+.).
  • Extract method refactoring: end line delimiters are gotten according to the document (it was previously fixed to \n).
  • Extension-points: Documentation added for some of the extension points available.
  • Perspective: The PyDev package explorer has been set as the preferred browser in the PyDev perspective.

New on: 1.3.2

  • PyDev Editor: If multiple editors are open for the same file, a parser is shared among them (which greatly improves the performance in this case)
  • PyDev Editor: Backspace is now indentation-aware (so, it'll try to dedent to legal levels)
  • PyDev Editor: sometimes the 'import' string was added when it shouldn't
  • Fix: Code-completion: case where a package shadows a .pyd is now controlled (this happened with mxDateTime.pyd)
  • Fix: Code-completion: recursion condition was wrongly detected
  • Fix: Code-completion: halting condition was found and removed
  • Fix: Project Config: if a closed project was referenced, no project was gathered for any operation (e.g.: code-completion)
  • Fix: The filter for showing only PyDev projects is not active by default anymore

New on: 1.3.1

  • Mylyn integration: the PyDev package explorer now supports mylyn (packaged as a separate feature: org.python.pydev.mylyn.feature)
  • Code-completion: comment completion is now the same as string completion
  • Debug: Breakpoints can be set in external files
  • Debug: Breakpoint annotations now show in external files
  • Package Explorer: filter for import nodes created
  • Fix: Package Explorer Actions: Open action does not expand children when opening python file
  • Fix: Project Explorer (WTP) integration: does not conflict with elements from other plugins anymore (such as java projects)
  • Fix: halt in new project wizard: when creating a new project from the PyDev wizard it was halting in some platforms
  • Fix: ${string_prompt} in run config: now only evaluated on the actual run
  • Fix: Code-Completion: jython shell was not handling java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError correctly

New on: 1.3.0

  • Code-completion: Deep analysis for discovering arguments in constructs 'from imports' now can be configured given the number of chars of the qualifier
  • Refactoring for override methods: changed so that it uses the PyDev code-completion engine for getting the hierarchy and methods
  • Fix: Python Nature Restore: begin rule does not match outer scope rule fixed
  • Fix: Package Explorer: if show-in is in a deep structure, it will show it is the 1st try and not only in the 2nd
  • Fix: Package Explorer: some intercepts removed elements incorrectly, and ended up messing the navigator and search (which has 'null' elements because of that)

New on: 1.2.9

  • Repackaging fix

New on: 1.2.8

  • Refactoring: integration of the PEPTIC refactoring engine
  • Package Explorer: many fixes (special thanks for Don Taylor for the bug reports)
  • Debugger: a number of small optimizations
  • Code-completion: works in emacs mode
  • Code-completion: added the possibility of auto-completing for all letter chars and '_' (so, it starts completing once you start writing)
  • Code-completion: code-completion for epydoc inside strings
  • Code-completion: assigns after global statement considered added to the global namespace
  • Code-completion: now works when a class is declared in a nested scope
  • Code-completion: if multiple assigns are found to some variable, the completion will be a merge of them
  • Code-completion: functions are analyzed for their return values for code-completion purposes
  • Code-completion: working on multi-line imports
  • Code-completion: can discover instance variables not declared in the class (in the scope where the class was instanced)
  • Auto-edit: adds 'self', 'cls' or no parameter based on the @clasmethod, @staticmethod declaration on previous line
  • Auto-edit: doesn't add 'self' if a method is declared in a method inner scope
  • Fix: BRM Refactoring: wrong column was being passed to the BRM refactoring engine
  • Code-folding: added for comments and strings
  • Fix: sometimes the 'create docstring' assistant was not recognizing method definitons

New on: 1.2.7

  • Debugger: change value implemented
  • PyDev Package Explorer: Default actions (copy, paste, rename, etc) reimplemented (see blog to see what this fixed)
  • Block Comments: The remove block comments (Ctrl+5) will now remove contiguous comments -- if several lines are commented, putting the cursor in any of those lines and pressing Ctrl+5 will remove all those comments
  • Launch: When creating a new launch, the 'default' option is chosen, so, if the default interpreter changes later, this won't affect existing launch configurations
  • Code Completion: 'cls' does not appear as 1st parameter on code completion anymore
  • Code Completion: completions for cls on classmethods now works correctly
  • Keybindings: Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab keybindings removed from convert tabs to space-tabs (and vice-versa) -- they are still available in the source menu
  • Fix: the PYTHONPATH passed to PyLint was not containing the project PYTHONPATH
  • Fix: halting condition on code-completion execution
  • Fix: 'create docstrings' assist creates @param even if there is a comment in a function definition
  • Fix: block comment for class will recognize better when it is on a class definition line

New on: 1.2.6

PyDev package explorer (Still BETA, so, use it with care -- the navigator is still the preferred way of browsing your project)

  • Filters for .pyc and .pyo files created
  • Working set integration added (just available for Eclipse 3.2.1)
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Patch by Olof Wolgast: The 'create docstrings' assistant has more options (windows > preferences > PyDev > code formatter > docstrings)

  • Option to choose between single and double quotes
  • Option to create '@type' too and not only '@param'
  • Option to skip creation of the @type tag for parameters starting with some prefix (if 'Custom' is chosen)

Block comments now have more options (windows > preferences > PyDev > code formatter > block comments)

  • Option to align single-line block comment to the left or right
  • Option to put class name above class if applied on a class definition

Fix: Multi-line Templates indent correctly

Fix: When a file from a project that was deleted was still opened inside PyDev, Eclipse would not start-up correctly

Fix: When a different interpreter is chosen in the run dialog, the pythonpath is correctly gotten

Fix: when PyDev was started, it would re-save the .pydevproject file even if no change was done

Fix: When tab width was set to 0 it could halt the editor (now if 0 is set, 4 is assumed)

Grammar Patch by Ueli Kistler, Dennis Hunziker

New on: 1.2.5

  • PyDev package explorer was created. Features already implemented:
    • Common resource actions (delete, copy, rename, team...)
    • Shows the Source folder with a different icon
    • Linking mode enabled
    • Shows the outline for a python file
    • Opening an item in the outline opens the correct place in the correspondent file
  • Debugger bug-fix: Crash when debugging wxPython programs should not happen anymore
  • When opening a file, the encoding is considered (and not only when saving it)
  • Patches from Gergely Kis:
    • Option for having a 'default interpreter' in the combo for selecting which interpreter to use for a run
    • Saving the things related to the PyDev project in a .pydevproject file to be commited
  • Patch from Gregory Golberg:
    • Ctrl+Shift+D when a variable is selected in debug mode shows the variable value

New on: 1.2.4

  • Completions for parameters based on the tokens that were defined for it in a given context
  • Removed the default PyLint options, because its command-line interface changed (that was crashing PyLint in newer versions)
  • Changed the grammar so that 'yield' is correctly parsed as an expression
  • Giving better error message when external file is opened without any interpreter selected
  • Icons for the builtins gotten on large libraries (such as wx -- it was optimized not to do that before)
  • Adding jars relative to the project now works correctly
  • The debugger is now able to get the variables in a context when handling negative payloads (patch by Javier Sanz)

New on: 1.2.3

  • When the user specifies an invalid interpreter, a better error report is given (previously it was only shown in the error log)

  • When threads die, the debugger is notified about it (so that they are removed from the stack)

  • Writing the preferences to the disk is now buffered

  • Fixed problem when debugging in jython with the statement "from xxx import *"

  • Fixed one issue with the indentation engine

  • Commenting a line does not remove a blank line in the end anymore

  • Added debug mode for unit-test

  • Added the possibility of setting the -Dpython.cachedir for running the jython shell (errors can arise in unix-based machines if jython is not able to write its cache)


    • Darrell Maples:
      • Unit-test refactoring
      • Run as jython unit-test
      • Filter test methods to run
    • Joel Hedlund
      • Added a support to ease adding options to Ctrl+1 in the scripting engine
      • Added a ctrl+1 for the case:
        def m1(self, arg=None): arg |<-- Ctrl+1 shows option to do: def m1(self, arg=None): if arg is None: arg = []

    Support for python 2.5

    • Added the new relative import
    • Added the new if expression
    • Added the unified try..except..finally statement
    • Added the with x:... statement
    • Indenting after the new with statement
    • Recognizing 'with' as a keyword in syntax highlighting

New on: 1.2.2

Code Completion

  • Calltips added to PyDev
  • The parameters are now linked when a completion is selected (so, tab iterates through them and enter goes to the end of the definition)
  • Parameters gotten from docstring analysis for builtins that don't work with 'inspect.getargspec'
  • Getting completions for the pattern a,b,c=range(3) inside a class
  • Code completion for nested modules had a bug fixed
  • Added the 'toggle completion type' when ctrl is pressed in the code-completion for context-sensitive data
  • Code-completion works correctly after instantiating a class: MyClass(). <-- will bring correct completions
  • Code-completion can now get the arguments passed when instatiating a class (getting the args from __init__)
  • self is added as a parameter in the completion analyzing whether we're in a bounded or unbounded call
  • Pressing Ctrl+Space a second time changes default / template completions

Outline View

  • Added option for hiding comments and imports
  • Persisting configuration
  • Added option for expanding all


  • Possibility of setting pyunit verbosity level (by Darrell Maples)
  • Errors getting the tests to run are no longer suppressed
  • Ctrl+2+kill also clears the internal cache for compiled modules (especially useful for those that create compiled dependencies).
  • Last opened path remembered when configuring the pythonpath (dialog)

New on: 1.2.1

  • The user is asked for which paths should be added to the system pythonpath
  • Go to previous method now works with decorators
  • Stack-trace link now opens in correct line for external files
  • Variables now show in the variables view while debugging
  • If an invalid interpreter is selected to run a file (old interpreter or wrong project type), a warning is given to the user
  • Ctrl+w is removed as the default for select word (the action is still there, but its keybinding is removed, so, users have to configure themselves which keybinding they want for it)
  • Assign to local or field variable now enters in linked mode
  • Added dependency to Eclipse 3.2 features, as version 1.2.0 of PyDev and newer are only Eclipse 3.2 compatible.

New on: 1.2.0

  • Eclipse 3.2 supported (and 3.1 support is now discontinued)
  • Lot's of optimizations to make PyDev faster
  • Ctrl+Click now works with the find definition engine
  • Comments that start with #--- are shown in the outline
  • Attributes are shown in the outline
  • Parse errors are now shown (again) in the editor
  • Many other bugs fixed

New on: 1.1.0

  • Startup is now faster for the plugin: actions, scripts, etc. are now all initialized in a separate thread
  • Indentation engine does not degrade as document grows
  • Multiple-string does not mess up highlighting anymore
  • code completion issue with {} solved
  • Ctrl+W: now expands the selection to cover the whole word where the cursor is
  • Assign to attributes (provided by Joel Hedlund) was expanded so that Ctrl+1 on method line provides it as a valid proposal
  • A Typing preferences page was created so that the main page now fits in lower resolutions
NOTE: this is the last version with support for Eclipse 3.1

New on: 1.0.8

  • The Parser character stream was redone to be more efficient (especially when dealing with big files)
  • The thread that does analysis had its priority lowered
  • When running a file, the pythonpath set now let's the project pythonpath before the system pythonpath
  • The way modules are resolved for loading when running unit-tests has changed
  • Indentation further improved
  • Debugger changes for working with jython
  • Ctrl+2+w: wraps the current paragraph to the number of lines specified in the preferences. This was provided by Don Tailor (revisions are also available in
  • Lot's of bug-fixes and optimizations

New on: 1.0.7

  • This is a single-bugfix release. It fixes an error that could occur when adding a newline in a document that had a docstring with an empty newline in the global level.

New on: 1.0.6

  • Assign variables to attributes (Ctrl+2+a): Contributed by Joel Hedlund (this is the first contribution using the new jython scripting engine).
  • 3 minor 'quirks' were fixed in the indentation engine
  • The debugger had some changes (so, if you had halts with it, please try it again).
  • Allow changing the keybinding for activating the Find next problem (Ctrl+.)
  • The debugger step-return had its behaviour changed.
  • Additional scripts location added to pythonpath in the jython scripting engine
  • Transversal of nested references improved
  • Fixed problems with compiled modules when they had 'nested' module structures (e.g.: wx.glcanvas)

New on: 1.0.5

  • Another batch of things to improve indentation:
    • Indent does not try to make auto-indentation when pasting
    • When smart-indent is not selected, it will still add an indentation level after ':'
    • It will keep the indent of the previous line on new-lines if the current line is empty
    • Other little things
  • Added a place to specify vm arguments (for jython or python) -- thanks to Rudi de Andrade for this patch
  • Added a way to kill the underlying python/jython shells (Ctrl+2+kill)

New on: 1.0.4

Added jython scripting

Added an 'easy' way to bind actions after Ctrl+2 (to make scripting easier)

Added a way to list things binded with Ctrl+2 (To see: Ctrl+2+help)

Added a 'go to next problem' with jython scripting capabilities, as a first example on how to script PyDev with Jython (Ctrl+.)

A brand new indentation engine is available:

  • Does not try to make different indentations inside multilines
  • Does not try to add spaces to make smart-indent when in only tabs mode
  • Indents correctly after opening some bracket or after closing some bracket
  • Indents to 'expected level' when hitting tab

Fixed bug: syntax error described instead of throwing an error

Profiled PyDev (not that much, but still, I hope you'll be able to 'feel' it)

Fixed bug: the pythonpath was not added when additional environment variables where specified

And as always, other bugs have been fixed

New on: 1.0.3

  • Fixed error while organizing imports with the construct from xxx import (a,b\n c)
  • Auto-dedent for 'else:' and 'elif' constructs
  • Added color customization for the function name and class name
  • Fixed debugger error: it could halt when getting some variable representation if the variable translated in a string that was huge
  • Fixed error while debugging with conditional breakpoint (only evaluated the first time) -- Thanks to Achim Nierbeck for this fix
  • Show in view: Resource Navigator (Ctrl+Alt+W) now is always active on the PyDev view
  • Fixed leak on template images

New on: 1.0.2

  • Jython debugging now working.
  • Code coverage does not report docstrings as not being executed.
  • Freeze when making a 'step-in' fixed in the debugger.
  • Grammar generated with javacc version 4.0

New on: 1.0.1

  • Fix for an out-of-memory error when restoring the interpreter (single thing in this release)

New on: 1.0

  • High-speed Debugger (on par with the best debuggers available)
  • Debugger now gets the variables 'on-demand'
  • The variables returned for jython are much more complete
  • Wizard to create new project has option for creating a default 'src' folder (and add it to the pythonpath).
  • The create new python module and new python package have been reviewed (you can still use the regular ones, but the new ones are really reccommended -- also it will help in making sure you have your pythonpath correctly configured!).
  • Create new source folder option added.
  • PyLint can now give the output to the console (configurable).
  • PyLint 0.9.0 tested
  • PyLint errors now show in the hover
  • The PyDev perspective was changed (so, please, close the current and ro-open it)
  • Templates were added for the keywords
  • Keybindings were added to run the current editor as python (F9) or as jython (Ctrl+F9). Those are customizable in the 'keys' preferences
  • And many other bug-fixes as usual

New on:

  • The debugger tracing was turned off (this was a bug in and could make debugging much slower)
  • Fixed jython shell (and extended it to get better information on code-completion).
  • Changed the interpreter configuration so that it is backwards-compatible from now on... (but the current interpreters will be lost and will need to be configured)
  • Breakpoints can have conditionals (this was contributed by Achim Nierbeck, and was actually provided in release, but I forgot to put it in the release notes)
  • Some other bugfixes are also in this build.

New on:

  • Added a new 'PyDev project' wizard (Mikko Ohtamaa contribution)-- it is named as PyDev Project instead of Python project because it creates Python and Jython projects.
  • Added a new 'PyDev module' wizard (Mikko Ohtamaa contribution) -- NOTE: it still needs some work.
  • Changes in the shell spawning were done, and no hangs should appear when trying to do code-completion anymore (if it still hapens, please report it as a bug -- NOTE: a little delay on the first time code-completion is executed is expected, as this is the time the shell is started).

New on:

  • Removed the dependency on packages 'sun.xxxx.Base64', so that other VMs can be targetted
  • Some code-completion problems in the 'resolution order' regarding tokens in __init__ were solved
  • Added option so that the user can choose whether to automatically add 'self' or not in method definitions

New on:

  • The license was changed to EPL. It can be found at:
  • Code-completion information is now saved in deltas instead of "saving only at shutdown" (being so, it does not loose information if it does not have a regular shut-down).
  • Added option for not using the smart-indent after opening brackets

New on:

  • Debugger was improved to be faster (more info about it at the PyDev blog).
  • Add watch added to the editor popup menu
  • Added syntax highlighting to the 'self' token
  • Code folding added for 'glued' imports
  • Fixed some outline problems
  • Debugger does not try to get breakpoints on closed projects anymore
  • Some refreshing issues regarding the outline and colors when reusing the editor were fixed
  • Code completion for relative imports has changed a lot (there were some pretty hard-to-find bugs in this area...)
  • Some move imports problems fixed
  • The auto-add '(self):' now works with tabs too

New on:

  • Content assistants reviewed (and better documented on the homepage -- I really reccomend checking it)
  • Timeout parsing options added (this is available in the builder preferences page)
  • Auto-dedent added
  • .pyc is removed when the corresponding .py file is removed.
  • Debugger has been changed so that it becomes faster (still not as fast as I would like, but still... faster)
  • Some escaped quotes problems fixed when formatting code
  • Navigation with Ctrl+Shift+ (up or down) has been slightly improved, so that it goes to the start or the end of the file when no other class or method definition is found
  • Other bug-fixes (as ususal)

New on

  • Java 1.4 support reintroduced.
  • Styles added for syntax highlighting (bold and italic), contributed by Gerhard Kalab.
  • zombie process after exiting eclipse should not happen anymore
  • paths with '.' are accepted for the pythonpath (unless they start with a '.', because it may not accept relative paths).
  • relative imports are added to code-completion
  • local imports are taken into consideration when doing code completion
  • debugger has 'change support', so, changed variables in a scope appear red

New on 0.9.8

  • jython integration supports spaces for jython.jar and java install
  • jython code-completion support for new style objects (jython 2.2a1) has been enhanced.
  • many templates were added
  • the grammar evolved a lot, so, now you actually have decorators in the grammar, list comprehension on method calls and tuples and the new from xxx import (a,b,c) syntax.
  • pylint supports spaces
  • pylint is no longer distributed with PyDev (it must be installed in the site-packages and its location must be specified in the preferences)
  • some problems regarding 'zombie processes' after eclipse exit with the shells used for code-completion should be fixed

New on

  • PyDev has its first shot at Jython. you should be able to use many things already, meaning: all the common editor features and code completion.
  • The debugger is working.
  • Code completion has been improved for supporting wild imports and relative imports better (sometimes it had some problems).
  • There are hovers for the text and annotations (when you pass the mouse through an error it will show its description).
  • Block comment (Ctrl+4) now uses the size defined for the print margin.
  • New block-comment style added (Ctrl+Shift+4).
  • New icons were created.
  • Many other bug-fixes as usual.

New on 0.9.7

  • This release contains some high-priority bug fixes...

New on 0.9.6

  • Eclipse 3.1 is supported
  • Only java 5 is supported
  • PyDev builder ignores team private members
  • Print Margin indicator now displays correctly
  • Help docs are shown again
  • Text editor configurations are inherited from the text editor (and just extended in the preferences)
  • Auto-close parentesis and 'eat colon' (courtesy from Karol Pietrzak)
  • Some more bugs...

New on 0.9.5

  • Last release with java 1.4 support
  • File encodings now follow the python convention
  • Overview ruler now works
  • Editor is synchronized when working in multiple windows with the same file
  • Code folding improved
  • Syntax highlighting is not confused by escaped quote + triple quote anymore
  • Insertion of parentheses now replaces selected text

New on 0.9.4

  • Nice PYTHONPATH configuration, and it is used for running your files, PyLint, code completion...
  • Integrated Scott Schleiser patches for the debugger (you won't see any 'implement me' anymore!).
  • Integrated Heikki Toivonen patch for PyLint using the project pythonpath.
  • Integrated Heikki Toivonen patch for indentation after '(', '[' and '{' (if the line ends with a comma).
  • Some StackOverflow errors were removed from code completion.
  • Keybindings added for Refactoring (powered by bycicle repair man) - check the FAQ.

New on 0.9.3

  • Code completion is finished until 1.0 is released, so, if you`re missing something, please report it!
  • New Content Assistants added. Not very well documented right now, but I'll do it later...
  • Removed dependecy on java.internals packages, so, this should solve the problems some people had when updating to 0.9.2
  • Latest PyLint integrated.

New on 0.9.2

  • Scott Schleiser inside the editor... now on apply, it applies new settings, without restarting the editor.
  • Scott Schleiser inside the debugger... most 'implement me' and 'volunteers needed' were fixed.
  • New Content Assistants added.
  • Docstrings in national encodings should work.
  • from foo import bar, xxx, yyy... should work.
  • Custom colors for decorators and numbers.
  • Matching brackets highlighted.
  • Bugs: code-formatting and others...

New on 0.9.1:

  • Ctrl+Shift+O: Organizes imports or sorts selection alphabetically
  • Ctrl+Shift+F: Autoformat your code (preferences can be set)
  • Namespace and PYTHONPATH now are the same for debug and run
  • Code Completion has been improved: Parameters are gotten as completions, builtins like -- [], {} and '' -- return completions. Relative imports should be working (along with some other bug-fixes).
  • PyLint 0.6.3 integrated.

New on 0.9.0:

  • Code Completion bug for python 2.4 fixed.
  • Code Completion has other bug-fixes solved, mostly due to imports that it was unable to find.
  • PyLint 0.6 integrated.
  • New Python 2.4 syntax supported
  • PyDev builders can be disabled (NOTE: some features might not work when this is done - see the FAQ).

New on 0.8.5:

  • Better Code Completion (Ctrl+Space)
  • Watch in debugger.
  • Background and current line color chooser.

New on 0.8:

New on 0.7.1 (2004-10-20)

0.1 (2003-08-05)

First PyDev released!

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