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PyDev is open source and depends on your contributions! This may be in the form of bug fixes, answers on stackoverflow, new features...

Another option is financially supporting it at: Patreon (which provides a way to support it monthly and get rewards starting with $1).

Or through 1-time contributions at:


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What is PyDev?

PyDev is a Python IDE for Eclipse, which may be used in Python, Jython and IronPython development.

It comes with many goodies such as:

PyDev 2.0 video

For more details on the provided features, check the Features Matrix.


First time users are strongly advised to read the Getting started guide which explains how to properly configure PyDev.


The recommended way of using PyDev is bundled in LiClipse, which provides PyDev builtin as well as support for other languages such as Django Templates, Mako, RST, C++, CoffeScript, Dart, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, among others (also, by licensing LiClipse you directly support the development of PyDev).


If you'd like to analyze the performance of your programs, check PyVmMonitor.

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Supporting PyDev

Thank you to all PyDev supporters:

To show your appreciation for PyDev and to keep it going strong, help to crowdfund it through

Release 8.1.0 (2020-12-05)

  • Interactive Console
    • The selection for which console to open may be saved. (#PyDev-1112)
    • When the current editor option is selected, the related interpreter is no longer asked. (#PyDev-1112)
  • Debugger (updated to pydevd 2.2.0)
    • Better support for Python flags when auto-attaching to subprocesses.
    • Fixes to path translation (when debugging in a different machine).
    • Catch warnings related to imp import from pkg_resources.
    • No longer crashing when running with Pyjion (patch by Anthony Shaw).
  • Others
    • Code analysis now supports from __future__ import anotations. (#PyDev-1040)
    • AST pretty-printing supports printing slices. (#PyDev-1106)
    • Code-completion with auto imports for the builtin module is no longer shown. (#PyDev-1117)
    • MyPy messages from a different file are no longer shown in the current editor. (#PyDev-1114)

Release 8.0.1 (2020-11-07)

  • Main new features
    • Python 3.9 is now supported.
    • Quick-fix to convert a string to an f-string. (#PyDev-1093)
      • Handles %r and %s.
      • To convert any string to an f-string, use Ctrl+1 with the cursor inside the string.
  • Debugger (updated to pydevd 2.1.0)
    • Support for case-sensitive folders in windows.
    • Support for user unhandled exceptions.
    • Support for Python 3.9.
    • When using frame eval mode, all threads are now traced (even if not started from Python).
  • Refactoring
    • Fixes when inlining variables. (#PyDev-410 / #PyDev-1105)
    • Fixed issue where some references of constants were not properly found. (#PyDev-1097)
    • Ctrl+Shift+G on class __init__ now searches for constructor references. (#PyDev-1086)
  • Others
    • MyPy errors are silenced in lines with #noqa. (#PyDev-1090)
    • Mark Skiped Tests as Skip in Overview (for unittest backend). (#PyDev-1096, patch by herostrat)
    • Code formatter now handles walrus operator properly. (#PyDev-1100)
    • Code completion now recognizes walrus operator. (#PyDev-1102)
    • Code completion for namedtuple defined as string now works properly. (#PyDev-1103)
    • Quick fix to surround with considers '$' properly.
    • Right-click to rerun test from PyUnit view now works with pytest parametrized tests.
    • Conda activation handling improved. (#PyDev-1080)
    • The IScopedPreferences API is now used auto-import and code-folding preferences (patch by Andreas Pakulat)
    • Show correct line numbers in problems view for analysis items (patch by Zeckie)
    • PyLint message with round brackets now properly handled. (#PyDev-1107, patch by Zeckie)

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