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PyDev is open source and depends on your contributions! This may be in the form of bug fixes, answers on stackoverflow, new features...

Another option is financially supporting it at: Patreon (which provides a way to support it monthly and get rewards starting with $1).

Or through 1-time contributions at:


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What is PyDev?

PyDev is a Python IDE for Eclipse, which may be used in Python, Jython and IronPython development.

It comes with many goodies such as:

PyDev 2.0 video

For more details on the provided features, check the Features Matrix.


First time users are strongly advised to read the Getting started guide which explains how to properly configure PyDev.


The recommended way of using PyDev is bundled in LiClipse, which provides PyDev builtin as well as support for other languages such as Django Templates, Mako, RST, C++, CoffeScript, Dart, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, among others (also, by licensing LiClipse you directly support the development of PyDev).


If you'd like to analyze the performance of your programs, check PyVmMonitor.

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Supporting PyDev

Thank you to all PyDev supporters:

To show your appreciation for PyDev and to keep it going strong, help to crowdfund through

Release 5.4.0

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • If you enjoy PyDev, please show your appreciation through its Patreon crowdfunding:

  • Initial support for Python 3.6

    • Code analysis for expressions on f-strings.
    • Syntax highlighting on f-strings.
    • Handling of underscores in numeric literals.
    • Parsing (but still not using) variable annotations.
    • Parsing asynchronous generators and comprehensions.
  • Launching

    • Improved console description of the launch.
    • Support launching files with python -m (instead of python module/ Note: Has to be enabled at Preferences > PyDev > Run.
  • Debugger

    • Shows return values (may be disabled on preferences > PyDev > Debug).
    • When the user is waiting for some input, it'll no longer try to evaluate the entered contents.
    • Fix for multiprocess debugging when the debugger is started with a programmatic breakpoint (pydevd.settrace).
  • Unittest integration

    • Bugfixes in the pytest integration related to unicode errors.
    • unittest subtests are now properly handled in the PyDev unittest runner.
    • The currently selected tests are persisted.
  • Others

    • In Linux, when applying a completion which would automatically add an import, if the user focuses the completion pop-up (with Tab) and applies the completion with Shift+Enter, a local import is properly made.

Release 5.3.1

  • Important PyDev now requires Java 8 and Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) onwards.

    • PyDev 5.2.0 is the last release supporting Eclipse 4.5 (Mars).
  • Code Completion

    • Substring completions are on by default (may be turned off in the code-completion preferences).
    • Fixed issue with code-completion using aliases.
  • Others

    • Auto-fix imports with Ctrl+Shift+O properly sorts items based on the same sorting improvements for code-completion.
    • When fixing unresolved import (with Ctrl+1) it properly resolves dependent projects (bugfix for regression in 5.3.0).
    • async and await keywords are properly highlighted.
    • async blocks properly auto-indented.
    • In PEP 448 list unpack variable was not being marked as a "Load" variable (which made the code analysis yield false positives).

View release notes for previous releases

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