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PyDev development

PyDev is open source and depends on your contributions! This may be in the form of bug fixes, answers on stackoverflow, new features... Another option is financially supporting it:


And Corporate sponsorship is also available for companies.

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    StackOverflow (with the PyDev tag).

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    Brainwy Tracker

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Please use this only if you really can't make your comments public: fabioz.pydev at

PyDev enables Eclipse to support Python (and is among the leading tools for Python coding). It's also an open source project created by Aleks Totic in 2003 and kept going by Fabio Zadrozny since 2005 with financial support from the PyDev user community and corporate sponsors.

License: EPL (Eclipse Public License)


Corporate sponsorship

PyDev is Open Source software and depends on contributions from its users to remain financially viable. For companies that use PyDev, it's possible to financially support it through corporate sponsorship.

How to become a corporate sponsor

Sponsorship is available for all companies worldwide. The basic idea is that a company finances the work on a particular feature of PyDev -- for which a proper invoice is provided -- the code is done and is integrated in PyDev under the EPL license.

That way the company gets its favorite missing feature, it's later kept supported in the development mainline and everyone benefits from the work done.

All negotiations are kept strictly confidential. For inquiries, please contact:

fabioz.pydev at

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